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Electric longboard folds down, fits in knapsack

Longboards are a popular type of skateboard for commuting, as their extra length allows them to track well in a straight line. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we're seeing an increasing number of electric longboards hitting the market. One problem with them, however, is that their long form factor makes them awkward to carry around when not in use. That's why Linky was created. It's a folding electric longboard, that fits inside its own bag.Read More

Velocifero goes MAD with surfy electric fat scooter

Italian designer Alessandro Tartarini is all about experimenting with rugged, big-tired, SUV-inspired two-wheelers. We recently looked at his Moto Parilla Carbon, the "SUV of e-bikes," and in the past we saw the aptly named Brutus, the "SUV of motorcycles." Unless we missed it, Tartarini hasn't dubbed the Velocifero MAD the "SUV of electric scooters," but we're doing it for him. This burly, fat-tired electric scooter is itching madly to kick up dirt and spit out gravel while carrying you from A to B.
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Boosted's upgraded electric skateboards double down on range

Boosted Boards has won a lot of fans since it built what was claimed to be the world's lightest electric vehicle in 2013. It may have since been overtaken in the weight stakes, but it is lifting its game in other areas to try and stay ahead of the curve. Its freshly announced second generation of electric skateboards address a major shortcoming in its first bite of the cherry with the ability to travel twice as far on each charge.Read More


Carbon GT Review: Polished electric skateboard eats rough terrain for breakfast

When we road tested Evolve's Carbon Series electric skateboard last year we were pretty reluctant to hand it back. Responsive, fast, and whole lot of fun to burn around on, it quickly became the company's hottest seller. So what happens when you take an already killer design and up the power by around 10 times? We tightened up our helmets and jumped aboard the souped-up Carbon GT to find out.Read More

Hyperloop One shows off magnetic drive in dramatic demonstration

At a secluded test site in the Nevada desert about 10 miles north of Las Vegas, Hyperloop One today made its first public demonstration of a key component of its new transportation system that promises near supersonic speeds at ground level. The Propulsion Open Air Test (POAT) took place under sunny skies and saw electromagnets propel a sled at 115 mph (185 km/h) along a specially-built test track measuring 1,500-ft (457-m) long.Read More

Hyperloop Technologies (now Hyperloop One) on runup to test

In the runup to an open-air display of a key aspect of its Hyperloop technology, Hyperloop Technologies has announced a rebranding. Before an invited audience of guests and media in Las Vegas, the transportation startup declared that it will now be known as Hyperloop One. In addition, the company announced that it has secured US$80 million in Series B financing as well as partnerships with a number of technology and infrastructure companies.Read More


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