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Urbanears presents trendy Plattan, Tanto and Medis headphones


January 22, 2010

Urbanears' Plattan, Tanto and Medis headphones

Urbanears' Plattan, Tanto and Medis headphones

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There’s this cliché that anything made in Scandinavia is cool, and... it’s true. Think about it; movies, cars, music, furniture, headphones - Yep, that’s right, the latest hip thing to come out of northwestern Europe is headphones. Urbanears is a Stockholm-based company that is turning music-listening into a fashion statement. According to their website, “Urbanears promotes a deeper connection to color, form and people while providing the freedom to transcend individuality and unify the sound experience.” Gosh.

Urbanears’ flagship model is the Plattan, a full-size headphone designed to provide rich, secluded sound. The Plattan’s hinged design allows it to fold down to the size of your fist, so tossing it in a purse shouldn’t be a problem. It also has a neat feature called the zound plug, which allows a friend to plug their headphones into it, and share in your ultra-chic musical tastes.

Next up is the Tanto, “a tribute to the 80’s revolution in mobile music” (which means it looks like a set of old-school Walkman headphones). It’s designed to be highly portable, without compromising performance.

Finally, there’s the Medis, which is an earbud system. The Medis features EarClick, which incorporates interchangeable pads on each bud that click in and out of place, allowing them to comfortably anchor inside your ears.

All of the headphones are available in your choice of 14 colors, have durable fabric cords, and are microphone and remote compatible with most major cell phones.

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