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Uncuff Links close French cuffs, open handcuffs


November 15, 2012

Uncuff Links could get you out of a jam

Uncuff Links could get you out of a jam

The standard pair of cufflinks adds a little class to a dress shirt, but some pairs do a little more. We've seen cufflinks that carry digital data, and now we have a pair that opens up handcuffs. The Uncuff Link is the perfect fashion accessory for the modern-day Houdini or real-life 007.

The mechanism that holds the Uncuff Link closed on a shirt doubles as a handcuff key that Canadian lock pick manufacturer Sparrows claims can open up "almost all standard handcuffs." They're the perfect accessory for international espionage or accessory-assisted passion.

We'd recommend practicing a few times before you find yourself handcuffed in the trunk of a black Mercedes S550. Also, Sparrow warns that using the lock pick in some situations (think being placed under arrest) can result in you getting shot.

The Uncuff Links, which could make an interesting Christmas gift for that impossible-to-buy-for man in your life, are available for a pre-order price of US$59 with shipping scheduled to begin next month. The regular price will be $69.

Source: Sparrows via Gizmodo

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what about a mini pair of cutters for those jurisdictions that use the plastic zip ties.

Denis Klanac

Not a bad idea Denis, One cuff link key, one a zip tie cutter. This is of course, under the assumption you are being held illegally, by terrorists or something...

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