Uncover customizes the Apple logo on aluminum MacBooks


May 15, 2013

Uncover designs a new lid logo to your specifications

Uncover designs a new lid logo to your specifications

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The clean minimalist looks which define Apple’s aluminum notebooks may contribute to their mass appeal, but some people prefer to personalize their computers with stickers and aftermarket add-ons like the MacBook Wood Keyboard. Such tinkerers now have yet another option for self-expression, courtesy of Amsterdam-based firm Uncover's MacBook lid laser-etching service.

The Uncover service came about following the company's discovery that an entire light panel lurks behind the iconic glowing Apple logo which adorns aluminum MacBook lids. Realizing that this opened up modification possibilities, Uncover duly set about creating its laser-etching customization process.

This process takes around four days (plus shipping time) to complete, and the company is happy to work with whatever new pattern you come up with, whether subtle alteration or total redesign. According to the company, Apple’s own warranty is voided, but Uncover offers a 6-month limited warranty in its place.

Up to now, most of Uncover's business has come from DJs, CEOs and bands. If you'd like to customize your own Mac, it'll set you back anything from €199 to €899 (around US$255 to $1,156), depending on the complexity of the design.

Compatibility also varies between aluminum MacBook models, with some notebooks only suitable for simpler designs, but these issues can be worked out by contacting Uncover.

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I wonder if they can accomplish this customization on a Chrome Pixel?

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