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Two million iPhone 5 orders in 24 hours: the start of the flood?


September 18, 2012

iPhone 5: game changer?

iPhone 5: game changer?

Apple announced today that more than two million customers pre-ordered iPhone 5s in the first 24 hours after vendors opened up their order books on September 14. This is more than double the one million pre-orders received for the iPhone 4S in its first 24 hours last year.

The figure outstrips the first pre-order batch of iPhone 5s that will ship September 21, and though Apple claims the "majority" of pre-orders will be received on day one, a backlog already exists that will not be cleared until October.

Apple will be holding back additional stock for when its high street retail stores upon up their doors at 8 a.m. on Friday. Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S handsets in the three days following its launch last year. Should iPhone 5 match that performance at retail, it will be well on course to match the widely-reported prediction of Piper Jaffray's wonderfully-named Gene Munster, that Apple will shift 10 million iPhone 5s in its first three weeks.

Only time will tell if the iPhone 5 will stand up to the more lofty, and also widely-reported, premonitions of Craig Berger at FBR Capital Markets, who reckons Apple could move a staggering 250 million iPhone 5s over the course of its lifetime—a figure which depends on unprecedented levels of upgrade-frenzy among existing Apple customers, as well as a launch in mainland China. To put that into perspective, that would be more iPhones (across all models) than Apple has sold internationally since 2007. It's even been suggested that iPhone 5 could eventually help to push Apple's share price into four figures, and have an appreciable impact on America's GDP.

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Two million people buying a phone that does less than every other smart phone. I guess slap an apple logo on anything and people will buy it, no matter how far it's behind the competition.


I can't understand why people complain about other people buying something they want ? Choice of different phones is a good thing. The iphone is a good choice for lots of people, it's a solidly built, easy to use smart phone, which for many is all they want. They also have high satisfaction ratings, which must also contribute to repurchases. I'd suggest an iphone for my parents but android for my friends. If you can't see the comparative benefits of each platform, you shouldn't really be commenting on a tech site.

Inappropriate Response

You may think that it is just an apple logo, but its more than that. Its decades of branding and brain washing. What holds true for Nike, and coca-cola holds true for electronics. People will buy an inferior product and then defend that action against all logic or reason. Image is more important then substance, always have always will. The guy who who financed $80,000 to buy a $70,000 Porsche will get the dumb bimbo with the fake DD boobs before the man with a 8 year old Nissan who has 200k in his checking account. Strangely enough the man with the Nissan will be stuck with the intelligent, funny and lovely b cup lady.

Let the lemmings buy follow the flock. let them spend their student loan money on a new iPhone. In the end the people who care more about image then substance will have to live with their purchase, hoping every day the next model will come out soon so they can have features their more intelligent friends have had for over a year.

Congrats iPhone 5 on getting 4g.. I am so proud of you, some said you were not worthy, they are right, but still you did it, gj.

Michael Mantion

@Inappropriate Response

The biggest problem with people buying a phone based on how popular it is, as opposed to how useful it is, is that the manufacturer gains market share and implements their own standards. These standards are generally aimed more at entrapping their customers than advancing technology for the benefit of everybody.


Two million people ready to be the first kids on the block with the new iPhone.

These will also be the first two million to start complaining when people who wait get the same phone for a couple hundred less a month or so after it comes out.


its funny so many people buy the fruit cause its "innovative", i fail to see whats innovative about taking existing technology and bundling it together. whats innovative about having an os thats so easy to use a monkey at the zoo can use it, whats innovative about contantly releasing products that are a good year behind the competition. the only thing innovative about the fruit co is that theyve made it increasingly easier to pick out the douchebags who care more about being seen with a product than what that product can actually do for them.... hmm order an outdated iphone 5 or wait till october and get the new international unlocked samsung galaxy note 2, a phone that will outshine every other phone on the market including the american version of the note 2 and a phone that nullifies the need for an ipad or any other tablet...wonder which i shall choose

Jason McGovern

@ jonoxn

please tell me how the iphone is less useful.

Inappropriate Response

Well, as for the inferiority of one platform or another, there's a point that is always overlooked: Java. Android runs under a Java Virtual Machine called Dalvik. I've been hearing about two mystical creatures since I was a kid, the Yeti (AKA BigFoot) and a Virtual Machine that's as fast as a native program. Neither exists. Apple's iOS runs under Objective-C, an ugly contraption that resulted when Brad Cox took C and Smalltalk and put them into a blender. But it is fully compiled, and it shows. Android requires very powerful CPUs and lots of memory to barely compete because of Java's inefficiencies. The iPhone 5 is more of the same, granted, but it is like Porsche gave us, every single year, a 911 that runs twice as fast. So, if you like Android, more power to you, but it is worse...

Luis Montbau

how is android worse??..the s3 came out 6 months ago and it outshines the ip5....if java is so bad why is it in over 3 BILLION products???

Jason McGovern
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