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Smart bra only unlocks for true love


January 30, 2014

The True Love Tester bra automatically unhooks itself when it senses the woman feeling true love

The True Love Tester bra automatically unhooks itself when it senses the woman feeling true love

In one of the more absurd examples of wearable technology we've seen lately, a Japanese firm has created a high-tech bra called the True Love Tester that literally snaps open only when it senses that the woman is in love.

Lingerie maker Ravijour developed the bra as part of a campaign to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. Featuring embedded sensors and a high-tech clasp, the True Love Tester bra connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Sensors monitor the woman's heart rate and the app analyzes the received data to figure out whether the woman is in the grip of true love.

The designers point out that the type of excitement a woman feels when she's in love is distinguishable from other types of excitement. Presumably that spares the wearer from her bra dropping off at the sight of her favorite snack, but might not be very convenient if she's rushing to a lunch date to meet her true love.

The bra's makers do seem to take measuring true love quite seriously, though. There's a graph in the promotional video that plots the woman's heart rate alongside shopping, jogging, watching horror movies, flirting, getting a surprise gift and eating spicy food. The bra's clasp comes undone automatically, but only when the "true love rate" exceeds a particular value. It can't be unhooked otherwise, as the video demonstrates.

Significant others might want to stand a little back if the system does give the all-clear, however, as the sensitive bra almost flies off in all the excitement, as shown in the video below.

If this sounds like the underwear for you, you'll be disappointed to learn that there are no plans to sell the love-bra.

Source: Ravijour

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"It can't be unhooked otherwise.." ?? Oh!

So, she been out all day and unable to find true love, she comes home alone. It's time to take a shower... "It can't be unhooked otherwise!"

Well, ladies, it's time to break out the side cutters. Hope you enjoyed ONE DAY with this toy.


Now that is worth hacking!


Seems only reasonable to make a comparable product, say, for the zipper fastening men's jeans.

Ed Campbell

Could lead to a lot of divorces when hubby can't get the dam thing off.


So design one that would drop a guys trousers every time he sees a hot girl walking down the street. I would be in trouble non stop no matter who I was with.


So if she is actually in love or her heart-rate has wildly gone up in a public place. That's mean her bra will unhook! and publicise her true love. OMG! That would be an ashamed day for her instead of a day to memorised. -..-"


What about smart panties?...:D

Reidar Kristiansen

I agree with Reidar Kristiansen. They should have made the high-tech clasp for her panties or maybe for her chastity belt. :-)


I suppose a Jog's out of the question...

Gerard Gallagher
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