Personalized Tron Lightcycle up for auction


March 1, 2012

A replica Tron Lightcycle, also known as the Xenon Light Motor Bike is up for auction

A replica Tron Lightcycle, also known as the Xenon Light Motor Bike is up for auction

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All those readers impressed with the All-Electric Lightcycle we looked at last year now have the chance to get one in their garage - and help the environment. The opportunity comes courtesy of Charitybuzz, which is auctioning off a replica Lightcycle, otherwise known as a Xenon Light Motor Bike.

The vehicle on offer was designed by Parker Brother Choppers and donated by Evolve Motorcycles, which created a custom lithium ion battery system to power the bike's electric motor. The bike features a handcrafted fiberglass frame and 32-inch hub-less wheels offset by OLED light tape.

Although the auction listing cites a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) for the bike, it also says the winning bidder will be able to choose the bike's battery and motor type. The personalization options will also extend to the bike's light tape color.

Evolve sells the bike for US$55,000 and as of publication the bidding stands at $24,000, so you might just be able to nab a bargain. The auction closes on March 14, 2012 with all proceeds benefiting Global Green USA.

Source: Charitybuzz

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Very cool looking bike. Hopefully this motorcycle is being auctioned solely for its "artistic" and "modern" looks and not for the above mentioned 50 mpg and 100 mile range. I saw this motorcycle at the New York Motorcycle Show and I can't imagine it would get 10 miles, let along 100.

Michael Caudill

That isn't 50mpg...that is 50mph... I live in NY. If you are only going 50mph people expect you to be in the right lane with your hazard lights on... Cool looking bike, but it needs to go faster for anything other than local driving.

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