Trinity Hammocks proves three isn't a crowd after all


June 27, 2013

Trinity Hammocks allow you to relax and socialize at the same time, with three hammocks built into the same structure

Trinity Hammocks allow you to relax and socialize at the same time, with three hammocks built into the same structure

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Taking the time to escape from the pressures of work and the stresses associated with modern living is of the utmost importance to our health. A perfect way of relaxing is lounging in a hammock on a hot summer's day. However, good company is just as important to our well-being. Trinity Hammocks allows people to combine the two.

Founded by Gilbert Tourville, Trinity Hammocks produces triple hammocks designed to make relaxing a social experience. The hammocks and their supporting structures are suitable for use in any outdoor environment. There are currently two different designs to choose from, Infinity and Eternity.

The designs themselves are very different, with Infinity comprising three rings leaning in on one another, while Eternity features a more traditional square structure that resembles a gazebo. The latter provides more cover thanks to a pitched roof, which could be useful when used somewhere without shade. The hammocks themselves are available in hand-woven acrylic yarn or quilted fabric.

Both models feature a tubular stainless steel structure to support the triumvirate of hammocks, and include a 21-in (53-cm) teak table suspended in the middle. Both also have a base diameter of 10 ft (3 m) and weigh in at 140 lb (64 kg).

Each triple hammock costs CAD$4,950 (US$4,720), so they're far from cheap. Still, for those who can afford them, the hammocks offer a pleasant way to while away the summer days with friends. Those looking for a more affordable alternative might want to consider the Cacoon, which requires a tree and isn't quite as social.

Source: Trinity Hammocks via Design Milk

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Ummmm...5K just for hammocks aligned in a triangle???? 3 posts from Lumber Yard - $40. 3 Quality Hammocks - $50 each ($150). Cannopy - $100. Additional Materials - $50. Total Cost: $350.

As pictured above, The Eternity probably costs (material) somewhere in the range of $600 for materials. Even factoring in labour, it is still one hell of a profit.

Chris White

While it is true that it is not cheap, they are - IMO - still rather cool. I like how it does not require a tree to use and one can get it with shade.


@Chris White - When I saw the price tag, those were my thoughts exactly: "I could EASILY build this myself for a few hundred bucks!" The company is crazy for trying to sell them so expensively. Sell them at perhaps $1K to $1.5K and they would do great business and still make great profit. However, at their chosen price, they are just encouraging competition to come in, low-ball them, and own the market.


I've never tried one, but to me hammocks look like a chiropractors dream. Not exactly ergonomically sound.

Oh, my aching back!


@wombat56, Well designed camping hammocks are actually better for sleeping than average bed. I am not talking your average cheapest banana style hammock! Mine is Hennessyhammock Deep Jungle XL Zip, comes complete with mosquito net, rain fly and double fabric bottom to stop mosquitoes biting through. In my hammock I sleep almost flat, without any pressure points and gentle rocking after turning seems to induce better sleep. These type hammocks can be even insulated for sleeping near 0 degrees Celcius maybe lower for some hardy individuals?

Haykey Kaariainen

These are some of the coolest and best hanging hammocks I have ever seen! I want to take them to the beach now.

Phillius Thomas
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