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Trego allows users to wear their iPad


April 8, 2013

Trego is a versatile iPad case and bag

Trego is a versatile iPad case and bag

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Recently, we covered a rather odd way of wearing your iPad called the iWorm. Now, a new product called Trego is entering the market, and while it's still a little odd looking, it certainly appears to be much more functional. Instead of wrapping around your shoulders like some kind of a boa constrictor, this product has users wearing their iPad in a more traditional-looking bag.

Ramsey Elias has been working on the Trego iPad case for over a year, and the design makes quite a bit of sense. It's a bag with a case for an iPad, that locks in and swivels. This allows users to carry it around like a mini messenger bag when not in use, and flip it around to the front and open it to view and display the iPad when in use.

An interesting use put forth by the creators is for businesses using the iPad as a method of receiving payment from their customers. The iPad can swivel all the way around, so the customer can see and sign the screen, and the processor can use a card reader to scan it through, all without having to hold the tablet.

The Trego can also be set flat on a table and used as a stand for the iPad. This is key, because most good iPad cases offer a method of supporting the tablet while consuming videos and other forms of media.

Various pockets are included in the Trego for carrying around other things such as keys, a wallet, and a Bluetooth keyboard. It's not a huge bag, so users shouldn't expect to carry around the entirety of their belongings with them, but it should be able to fit the essentials.

For the time being, the Trego is available for iPad 2 and later, but the company has plans in the works to bring the product along for Galaxy Tab models soon.

The creators of Trego are seeking funding on Kickstarter. Working prototypes exist, and the funding will go towards a production run of the bags. The minimum backing to receive a Trego in either orange and black or green and black is US$69, with delivery of the product expected in June of this year. Currently, just under $10,000 of the $20,000 goal has been raised.

The Kickstarter pitch video below outlines the uses of Trego.

Source: Trego via Kickstarter

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Didn't the military have something like this a few years back?


Anyone that wears it in the front needs a punch in the iPad. Worse than a fanny pack.

Joe F

How geeky is that ?!?!

Fairly Reasoner

Actually, I saw one in San Francisco last week and backed them on Kickstarter right away. It's like a really slim backpack that folds into a workstation.

Taj 427

I see this as the future of more laughs on news shows and serious accidents happening with people walking into fountains and walking right off curbs into traffic, all while looking intently at their iPADs and nothing else around them. Stupid idea that is going to get joe public hurt.

I could see the military using this for guiding drones or robotic devices to disarm bombs, perform recon missions, etc. As long as they were stationary. I could also see this used for the construction/power/sewer industry for mapping and searching sewer drains.


Cool idea but overdesigned. This can be done per my write up on the worm model. The bag is not needed. Sigh. Guess I'll have to do it myself.

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