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October 17, 2012

The trampoline bridge would cross the River Seine near to the existing Bir-Hakeim bridge

The trampoline bridge would cross the River Seine near to the existing Bir-Hakeim bridge

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There are currently 37 bridges spanning the River Seine in Paris, but there must surely be room for one more; one that's rather different than the rest, that is perhaps inflatable and comprising three huge trampolines. Such a bridge may not be practical, but it would be fun, and no doubt become something of a tourist attraction in a city already blessed with an abundance of tourist attractions. Such a bridge exists, at least in the form of a concept design by Paris-based architectural studio Atelier Zündel Cristea.

Created for a client and based on the brief for a competition titled "A Bridge in Paris," the trampoline bridge (as it should clearly be called) consists of three giant inflatable PVC buoys connected by cord to span the Seine close to the existing Bir-Hakeim bridge.

The buoys would each be 30 meters (98 ft) in diameter and filled with 3,700 cubic meters (130,664 cubic ft) of air. Inside each ring would be a trampoline mesh designed to allow brave souls to bounce their way from one side of the river to the other. The idea being that Paris already has enough bridges to accommodate the flow of traffic, and instead needs something "more playful" to create "contemporary urban enjoyment."

I highly doubt this inflatable bridge in its current form would make it past the European Union health and safety laws, and rightly so. Not only would the chances of pedestrians traversing the bridge colliding be extremely high, misjudging a bounce between the three separate trampolines that together form the bridge would result in a rather watery end to the commute to work for any unfortunate Parisian.

However, such cynicism may be missing the point just a little, and it's certainly nice to see as fun and frivolous a design as this being put forward to counter what are likely to be the rather traditional plans submitted by other firms.

Source: Atelier Zündel Cristea via Design Boom

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Tethered dirigibles as bridges are not a new idea. What we really need is a nice lock to allow easy passage of river traffic. An assembly of many floats might provide a "cobblestone" center that could be moved out of the way by passing boats. Reining the bridge back would work, too. Trying them out for practicality is key.

Ross Nicholson

This is awesome! If it isn't built in Paris, I'd LOVE someone to do this down here in New Zealand! This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" inventions. Very cool!


Porque não instalam esta ponte em Aveiro... em vez da outra?

Paulo Vidal Loureiro

I would LOVE to try to cross a river via trampoline! I had a trampoline as a child, and I would TOTALLY use a bridge like that!

Jeremy Nasmith

The possibilities of mid air collisions and shooting off the bridge into the water are very exciting.

Michael Crumpton

When one applies for homeowners insurance in the USA one of the questions is whether you have a trampoline. If you do, your premiums will be higher. Health and safety concerns across the pond are probably similar. Between users landing in the drink, and bumping into each other with considerable force, it means that this will remain an interesting flight of fancy. It does look fun, though.

Bruce H. Anderson

Yeah, there's no way this could mess up.

Bob Tackett

Have you ever been jumping on a trampoline with someone else when you get out of sync? You come down on the trampoline when it is coming up and it jams your legs up instead of absorbing your energy and bouncing you back up in the air. Try keeping in sync with 30 people. Also imagine how dangerously high you could bounce and how bad it would jam you up when you got out of sync on a trampoline this size.


it looks like a drowning machine

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