TrackR bravo is claimed to be the thinnest item-tracking device ever


June 13, 2014

The TrackR bravo is a two-way item-tracking device

The TrackR bravo is a two-way item-tracking device

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If you have a tendency to misplace belongings, then an item-tracking device may be just the thing you need. The new TrackR bravo is one such device. It can be used with its mobile app as a means of locating items to which it is attached, and will even help to find a misplaced phone by ringing it.

Gizmag has featured a number of other item tracking devices previously, such as the BiKN, the Gadget Hound and, indeed, TrackR's own Button device.

The TrackR bravo, however, is claimed to be the thinnest device of its type available, with width of just 3.5 mm and a diameter of 34 mm (1.34 in). It's also said to have the world’s largest Crowd GPS network. This means that although the TrackR bravo only has a range of 100 ft (33 m), when one user of the TrackR app comes within range of another user's lost item, an alert will be relayed to that other user.

As mentioned, the TrackR bravo’s main feature is its two-way separation monitoring. It can be used to find an object to which it is attached by using the accompanying mobile app, or to find a smartphone with which it is linked by pressing a "ring device" button on the device. It also issues alerts when a user appears to be leaving a tracked item behind. If the user ventures out of range of a tracked item, they will receive a notification on their phone to alert them. When searching for an item, users can benefit from the TrackR bravo’s distance indicator, which displays the user’s approximate proximity to the item.

The TrackR bravo can be connected to items using either a 3M double-sided sticky pad, or its metal loop that can be attached to other objects such as keyrings. It is compatible with other BLE devices such as Bluetooth headsets, and TrackR says that the device is built to last a lifetime. It is powered by a CR1616 battery, which can be easily replaced should it run out.

Production funds are currently being raised via an Indiegogo campaign, which began on Monday (June 9) and has already raised over US$120,000 – well over its $20,000 target, with 42 days left to run.

Individuals who want to get their hands on a TrackrR bravo can pledge from $29 for a single device, with the cost per device falling the more devices are ordered. Assuming all goes to plan, backers will receive their devices by January 2015.

You can watch the Indiegogo pitch video for the TrackR bravo below.

Sources: TrackR, Indiegogo

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I bought a stack of their earlier ones from their first project. They're basically rubbish - half the time they don't track when they should, and the other half they malfunction (beep and carry on like they're out-of-range, when they're not, or the buttons don't do what they're supposed to, or the app fails, etc). This tech is not stable or production ready - they should not be selling more of it in this state.


I agree and had much the same experience, bad. Their customer "service" and business practices leave me cold as well.

Great to see that they are able to crowdfund on Indiegogo.

For applications I am aware of like keys, eyeglasses, jewelry the device is far too large.

The device and its power source should last the life of the object being made trackable, and cost consistent with its target value.

Fortunately we have come up with the solution and hope to bring it to Indiegogo soon.

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