We've seen huge multi-touch tables and displays being used in medicine and for exhibitions, but now you could start seeing such things when you take a coffee break. With a 47-inch display, the Touchscape Multi-Touch Table uses the company's patented multi-touch technology to deliver full 1080p high definition touchscreen interactivity for cosy one-on-one business presentations, student/teacher learning collaboration, sharing photo or video collections or unique gaming applications.

At the heart of the sleek, CNC-machined high density acrylic coffee table is a 3.4GHz quad-core Phenon processor which provides the power needed to run the system, with able support from 4GB of memory. There's 180GB of storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet, and a 3G option is also available. The 47-inch, high viewing angle LCD display area benefits from a replaceable, scratch resistant, wipe clean top coating, so coffee cup rings or spills are less of a concern than they would be on a capacitive or resistive touchscreen display.

The onscreen touch action is tracked and registered by a fast-refreshing vision system that includes 8-bit microprocessor-controlled Frustrated Total Internal Reflection touchscreen technology, which is said to be capable of keeping up with thousands of interaction points every second. The 51 x 35 x 19-inch (1300 x 900 x 500 mm), 132 pound (60 kg) Touchscape Multi-Touch Table features an ambient light sensor to adjust the display according to background lighting conditions and a self-monitoring system which keeps an eye on performance, automatically deals with updates, and makes sure that the system keeps ticking over.

The Table can be configured as a standard Windows 7 multi-touch device using the Microsoft WM Touch inputs but can also run a SUSHI-based framework, which offers a full three-dimensional environment where all the Windows-based functions are hidden from the user. Touchscape has its own SDK for the development of multi-touch applications.

Touchscape's Table is available in standard configurations, but the team can create custom versions to fit particular needs. Readers interested in pricing will need to contact Touchscape direct.