Toshiba to bring E-CORE energy efficient LED light bulbs to US market


January 7, 2010

Toshiba LED light bulbs at CES 2010

Toshiba LED light bulbs at CES 2010

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Toshiba, was waving the green flag at CES this week in announcing that its E-CORE LED lightbulbs will soon be available in the US market. An E-CORE bulb has a life expectancy of 40,000 hours, which is 40 times longer than traditional incandescant lightbulbs and at the same time it reduces CO2 emissions by 85 percent in comparison.

They have previously only been available in Japan, and the move to expand the lightbulbs into the US market is part of the “Vision 2050” initiative, Toshiba’s long term environmental sustainability plan which includes packaging all laptops in recyclable materials and aims to increase eco-efficiency tenfold by the year 2050.


All the specs and no suggested US price? Who missed the boat on that little jewel of info?

Will, the tink

These lights will be replacing the much hated low energy fluorescent lamps which we are being forced to buy at the moment in the UK. 100 watt filament lamps are banned. A little known fact: A Labour peer holds I believe 2,000,000 shares in a company that recycles these mercury containing fluorescent lamps.


There is no quick and easy way to save the world. And maybe CFL bulbs are not the best answer but they certainly are a step in the right direction. CFL bulbs have caught on in the public imagination and have people thinking in the direction of being more energy efficient, which can only be a good thing.

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