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Toshiba announces 750GB laptop-sized HDD


March 29, 2010

The 2.5in double platter 750GB HDD from Toshiba and the slightly chunkier 1TB flavor

The 2.5in double platter 750GB HDD from Toshiba and the slightly chunkier 1TB flavor

More storage for laptops is now possible thanks to Toshiba managing to squeeze 750GB into a two platter 9.5mm form factor. Boasting the industry's highest areal density, the MK7559GSXP is also joined by a slightly bulkier 1TB three platter HDD and both hold the promise of greener manufacture and improved power efficiency.

Western Digital announced a 750GB and a 1TB HDD squeezed into a 2.5 inch form factor last year but with laptop manufacturers looking to produce skinny models, the 12.5mm thickness resulted in marketing being heavily concentrated in the direction of external hard drives. Toshiba has claimed the 750GB laptop HDD crown in the rather technically-named MK7559GSXP.

The 5,400 RPM double platter/four head 2.5 inch HDD is just 9.5mm thick and features an industry-leading areal density of 839.1 MB per square millimeter, no doubt pleasing storage hungry laptop and small external drive owners in the process. Toshiba reckons that its power consumption is "about 14% less than the previous generation (MK6465GSX, 640GB)" and it's RoHS compliant, also being free of halogen.

The drive is joined by a bigger brother, the MK1059GSM 1TB three platter/six head HDD coming in at a slightly chunkier, laptop unfriendly 12.5mm thick. Both units are the first to be developed since Toshiba acquired Fujitsu's HDD business last year and benefit from a SATA 2, 3Gbp/s interface, an 8MB buffer, an average seek time of just 12ms and will be available from April. No word on price yet.

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When, oh when, will this drive become available...and at what price. No sign anywhere on the net of its impending availability...and it\'s the end of April.

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