Toro's Recycler space-saving mower can be stored vertically


February 27, 2014

Toro says that the upright storage of the SmartStow mower will save up to 70 percent of space

Toro says that the upright storage of the SmartStow mower will save up to 70 percent of space

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Thinking vertically can add a whole new dimension to our storage solutions, but there's a one clunky inhabitant of garages around the world that doesn't particularly lend itself to an upright way of life. Landscape equipment manufacturer Toro is looking to solve this dilemma through its Recycler mower, a lawn mower designed to be stored vertically without undesirable pools of oil and gas forming underfoot.

Enabling the mower to be stored vertically is a patented technology the company calls Mow 'N' Stow. This involves a custom fuel tank design with improved seals and gaskets and what it calls a "no weep" carburetor.

Toro says that the upright stance of its Recycler mower will reduce the storage footprint by up to 70 percent and in addition offer better access to its underside making it easier to clean and maintain.

The mower has a cutting width of 22 in (56 cm) and includes Toro's Recycler mulchin capability, which involves the mower cutting and re-cutting the grass until it is fine enough to be discretely dispersed back into the turf, meaning a less frequent emptying of the bag.

Powered by a 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, the mower features a variable speed self-propulsion system at a maximum of 3.25 mph (5.25 km/h) with front wheel drive and 11-inch rear wheels.

The US$369 Recycler with SmartStow will be available from Spring 2014 onwards.

Source: Toro

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Grass powerd motors are the better research projects then petrol witch folds better. Same with leaf blowers using the material with witch your working with as a fuel source. Snow mobiles can use snow, grass could almost considerd like a perpetual magnet but certainly a renewable material.

liquidising then grass as a fuel source can then be simple poured back into soil as feed. Leafes can be used like this, fertiliser barrels are slow and static.

a chain saw could also be powered of saw dust if modifyed. Another cripling blow gentlemen to the use of liquidised dinosaurs.


If hanging your lawnmower is important to you, get an electric. It's cheaper, lighter and easier to maintain. I've had electric for years and I wouldn't go back.


Noticeably absent are any hints on how to hoist that puppy. These units (I have one of similar size) are not lightweights.

And for cleaning out the deck, you can use the hose as shown when it is horizontal for an energetic rinse. But it will usually be hung on a wall so access to the big bits when dry would be limited at best. It is easier to tilt the unit on it's side since that what is typically done when changing the blade.

The bright side is that it takes up less space by being stored vertically, but to me it seems a marketing triumph but a real-world fail.

Bruce H. Anderson

That's the best Toro has to offer in lawnmower innovations? That's not that amazing, and though it may save you 70 percent in floor space, it adds a few hundred percent in how long it takes before you have to mow the lawn (reassembly) every time you want to use it. I'll stick to the old cheap craftsman that I found in someone's trash. Thanks.

Rich MC

OOPS. I failed to notice the little legs that allow it to be stored vertically on the floor. Therefore, not being able to erase my previous comment, I apologize for my unwarranted criticisms and promise to look and read with more care in the future.

Bruce H. Anderson

You could just get a push powered reel mower. The scissors action cutting is better on the grass as well.


I agree with Slowburn, I have actually re-discovered my push powered mower. I now prefer cutting with this. It takes about the same force to push as the petrol / electric version.

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