Torch Flux backpack has an LED taillight for extra visibility


October 24, 2012

The Torch FLUX adds some light

The Torch FLUX adds some light

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Just a few weeks after releasing its LED-illuminated bicycle helmet, Torch is back – on your back. Like its T1 helmet, the Torch FLUX backpack is designed to keep bicycle commuters a little safer on city streets thanks to its integrated LED lighting.

The FLUX is a rugged pack built of 1,000-denier Cordura nylon. It includes a waterproof vinyl-coated polyester lining. A waterproof fiber optic panel on its face lights up with the help of an LED unit, adding a wearable taillight that shines red. The LED unit is removable and can be mounted to the seat post for trips that don't require a full backpack. It runs for two to five hours and has USB-rechargeable batteries.

Torch is currently offering the FLUX at an introductory pre-order price of US$120. The suggested retail price is listed at $180.

Source: Torch

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I'd like to see these come in to use here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, bicyclists seem to get hit at a prodigious rate even by the police!


Not so sure this is a good idea. In the past 3 weeks, 2 bicyclists have been hit (run down) by drivers who's eyes fixated on the bikers bright, solid lights on the back of the bikes and then, inadvertently, ran right over them. I use a very bright blinking light. That seems to work much better.


"The LED powered fiber optic panel is flexible, waterproof and less than 1mm thick making it just as durable as the backpack itself. The electronics have a run time of 2-5 hours depending on steady or flash and are completely removable and USB rechargeable."

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