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Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2011


December 3, 2010

Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2011

Top Ten Wireless Predictions for 2011

Research company Juniper has drawn up a list of predictions for the mobile and wireless industry for 2011 and they portray humanity hurtling headlong towards a mobile-centric lifestyle. Juniper sees 2011 as a year where we'll see increasing use of Augmented Reality, the first Cloud-Based Operating Systems, Mobile Banking becomes a must, the beginning of the demise of the credit card, the rise of Mobile Lottery Tickets, biometrics coming to mobile and Social Purchasing moving to a whole new level.

Juniper's full report can be downloaded here, but for those who need the short version, here are Juniper's top 10 wireless predictions.

  1. Surging Mobile Data Traffic
  2. Augmented Reality to Enhance Mobile Games and Retail
  3. Cloud-Based Operating Systems are Launched
  4. Mobile Banking will become a “must-have” when opening a new account
  5. Mobile Devices Begin to Replace Credit Cards
  6. Mobile Handsets Become Even More Sensitive
  7. Mobile Lottery Tickets Sales to Soar Fuelled by Deployments in US, Europe, and China
  8. Mobile-Specific Threats Lead to Demand for Mobile-Specific Security
  9. Buyouts take Social Purchasing to a New Level
  10. More Vendors Develop a “GreenHeart”
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