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"World’s smallest engine" to power microscopic robots

It is often said that size matters. At the nano-scale level, where a lot of current research is being done, this adage also holds true, and several scientific teams have laid claim to creating the "world's smallest engine" built from particles of ever-shrinking dimensions. The latest, a nano-scale engine made from tiny charged particles of gold and developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, is claimed to be the smallest of them all.Read More

Aircraft Feature

These boots were made for flying: A chat with France's very own jet-powered fly boy, Franky Zapata

On the last day of April we joined Zapata Racing in the south of France to witness an attempt to remain aloft for more than 280 meters and snatch the "farthest flight by hoverboard" record from Alexandru Duru. That record was pulverized when the Flyboard Air covered over 2 km in around seven minutes. We managed to grab a few words with a jubilant but quite exhausted Franky Zapata after his record-breaking flight.Read More

Journey toward Milky Way's dark heart in new Hubble video

Do you have 37 seconds of time to spare today? If so, you can zip towards the very center of our galaxy thanks to a new video put out by the Hubble Space Telescope team. The video is really just a long zoom into an image released last month, but it definitely provides the sensation of heading through our galactic core to the black hole that lies at its center.Read More


Lightweight e-bike powers you through short commutes and all-out adventures

Just a few years ago, "weird" and "heavy" were two adjectives that were nearly unavoidable when discussing e-bikes. Things have started to rapidly change over the past few years, with a number of companies stepping up and offering lighter, less conspicuous electric bikes. The M2S All-Go is the latest in this growing field, its carbon frame offering both distinct looks and a light ride weight.
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VR Comparison Guide

There are only a few VR headsets you can buy today – or at least only a few that matter – but now that consumer virtual reality is officially here, this sounds like a good time to compare your best options (both present and near future). Read on for our very first VR Headset Comparison Guide.Read More

Music Review

Review: Super-small wireless earbuds pack in big sound and features

Between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, Qi wireless charging and someday possibly Li-Fi, there may very well come a day when kids look back on the 2010's and say, "Can you believe they actually used to use wires?". Certainly one of the more fun aspects of the wireless revolution has been the increasing availability and quality of Bluetooth headphones. A new set of wireless earbuds with built-in microphones has just been released on Kickstarter that truly raise the bar in this arena. We tried them out.Read More


New eco-village hits the (plastic) bottle

Recycled plastic bottles have previously been used to make a sustainable home, but an ambitious new project in Panama hopes to use the ubiquitous modern waste product to construct an entire village. It's early days yet, but the idea is that the aptly-named Plastic Bottle Village will eventually comprise between 90 to 120 homes, each insulated by thousands of plastic bottles.Read More


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