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Near-smokeless, fan-assisted Homping Grill makes charcoal grilling easier

By - June 29, 2015 5 Pictures

Grill aficionados seem to all agree that charcoal grills provide superior flavor over gas grills. The problem, particularly when it comes to portable grills, is that the charcoal grill is messier and more time-consuming. The Homping Grill makes charcoal grilling cleaner and easier, using a battery-powered fan to increase efficiency, cut down on the amount of charcoal needed to cook, and nearly eliminate smoke.

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— Computers Review

Review: Taking a dip in Touchjet's Pond

By - June 29, 2015 18 Pictures

About this time last year, a pint-sized mashup of projector and Android computer hit crowdfunding portal Indiegogo. The TouchPico allowed users to activate icons thrown on the wall or whiteboard using a stylus-like pointing device, effectively turning any flat surface into a giant touchscreen display. We got a chance to see the pre-release prototype in action at IFA 2014, engaging the company's Slava Solonitsyn in a quick fruity game on a nearby wall. The newly-named Touchjet Pond started shipping last month, and one of the first units off the production line made its way to Gizmag for review.

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— Automotive

Study suggests that HUD tech may actually reduce driving safety

By - June 29, 2015 1 Picture

Cruising at speed down the highway with a heads-up display (HUD) constantly feeding data into your line of sight can make anyone feel like a jet pilot on the road; totally in control of your vehicle and primed to avert any potential danger that comes your way. However, recent studies by the University of Toronto show that the HUD multi-tasking method of vehicle piloting may well not provide the extra margin of safety that we think it does. In fact, according to the researchers, it could be downright dangerous.

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— Aircraft

Flytrex Sky drone set to deliver out of the box

By - June 28, 2015 5 Pictures

While Amazon continues testing out its drone delivery service in North America, Israel-based Flytrex is already offering delivery drones and a 3G-based platform to send and receive small packages via a connected app. The company claims the Flytrex Sky, which was announced last week, is the first cloud-connected drone carrying an on-board 3G module designed to track the UAV and keep it jacked into the internet while in flight.

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