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TomTom Start2 puts a savvy co-driver in your satnav


March 31, 2010

The TomTom Start2 satnav system has many useful features including advanced lane guidance ...

The TomTom Start2 satnav system has many useful features including advanced lane guidance for difficult junctions

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It’s a jungle out there – an urban jungle. And if you have to negotiate a vehicle through it you’ll know how tough that can be, especially in an unfamiliar city or town. Take a wrong turn and it could be many miles before you regain your bearings and much wasted time before you reach your destination (don’t mention the wasted fuel). Sat-nav “institution”, TomTom, has launched TomTom Start2, a new entry level unit featuring advanced lane guidance, spoken street names and compatibility with the RDS-TMC traffic information system.

The advanced lane guidance feature helps clarify lane choices in complex junctions, and spoken street names mean you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to understand when and where to turn.

The RDS-TMC Traffic system transmits traffic information to the device, including what’s happened, the area it affects and the estimated delay. Better still, it offers an alternative route to get you moving and arriving on time.

A special feature, TomTom’s innovative IQ Routes, uses real historic car speed measurements from your chosen roads, plus analysis of the time and day of travel to calculate the optimum route and ensure the most accurate arrival time, saving time and fuel, which equals money.

The TomTom Start2 has a 3.5” screen and is small and light enough to be carried in your pocket when not in the car.

The unit will become available shortly in the UK for £119 with a regional map or £139 for the device with a European map.

XL IQ Routes edition2

Also new from TomTom is the XL IQ Routes edition2 with the same features as the TomTom Start2 but a bigger 4.3” touch screen.

On both models, if a new map has been released within 30 days of first using the device, TomTom lets drivers download it once for free via TomTom HOME.

The built-in Map Share technology allows drivers to make corrections to their map and download free corrections made by millions of other drivers in the TomTom community.

The TomTom XL IQ Routes edition2 will soon be available for £139 for UK and Ireland and £159 for Western Europe.


TomTom should give new users a year's worth of map updates... they're a bit stingy in that regard (my experience from being a TomTom user).

**BUT** TomTom is one of the best I've used, and love the map correction feature and lane guidance, which can save you a ton of time in unfamiliar spaghetti-junctions.

31st March, 2010 @ 08:48 pm PDT

tomtom is a great device. I love it. However, let's face it, paying for expensive maps every year it's not cool. Now that there is free gps on smart phones, it will be the beginning of the end. Unless they get into the mobile phone business, this company is doomed (at least in the consumer side).

Domingo Olivares
2nd April, 2010 @ 05:45 am PDT
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