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May 9, 2010

Tokyoflash Broke watch with stained-glass window-like display - pictured watch's time is 1:24

Tokyoflash Broke watch with stained-glass window-like display - pictured watch's time is 1:24

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The "Broke" is the latest weird and wonderful watch design from Tokyoflash. Featuring a fragmented stained-glass window-like display, the outermost LED lit fragments on the Broke represent the hour, while inner fragments represent five minute intervals and central fragments indicate one to four minutes. The current time is displayed by which of the LED fragments are blinking. Got all that?

To conserve power the LED fragments only light up once the button on the side of the watch is pressed. This causes the entire face to illuminate for a period of seven seconds with the exception of the fragments designating the current time which flash. The display can also be set to animate once every fifteen minutes – but only between the 6pm and midnight for some reason.

Tokyoflash has already brought us such innovative and unique watch designs such as the Retsu, the Shinshoku and the Pimp just to name a few.

The new Broke is the first of Tokyoflash’s Kisai line to be USB rechargeable, coming with a rechargeable battery that can be replaced by a standard watch battery. It also features a brushed stainless steel casing and matching wristband with fold over clasp. It is water resistant to 3ATM, or 30 meters, and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Broke is available from Tokyoflash for US$168.15.

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Same layout as the Wasted, just with different graphic style and a metal case.

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