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New Tokyo Flash concept watch inspired by classic sci-fi movies


August 16, 2012

The square LED face is countered by a circular dial clearly inspired by science fiction films

The square LED face is countered by a circular dial clearly inspired by science fiction films

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Design studio Tokyo Flash accepts concept watch designs that can, if rated highly enough by visitors to its website, be turned into real, purchasable products. The latest design to be submitted, by "Alan from the USA" is based on two classic science fiction movies - Tron: Legacy and 2001: A Space Odyssey. And it's really rather stunning.

Tokyo Flash is well known for its unusual wristwatches. From the Kisai Stencil to the Kisai Kaidoku via the PIMP, these watches aren't your typical timepieces. But they are unique and very fitting for the geeky scenesters likely to purchase them. The new LED watch concept pictured inspired by sci-fi films and submitted for approval certainly looks like it fits into the company's catalog effortlessly.

The unnamed watch features a square LED face countered by a circular dial. Although a standard silver band is pictured supporting the face, the designer suggests a wide leather band would be more fitting for the finished product.

A simple explanation of how to tell the time using this interesting dial design

Telling the time on this watch is described as "quick and intuitive" and once the methodology behind it - as seen in the image above - is explained, that does indeed appear to be the case. I'd still prefer an innovative one-handed watch myself but I appear to be in the minority.

This sci-fi-inspired timepiece is gaining positive responses, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 at the time of writing.

Source: Tokyo Flash

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This is a really nice watch and very easy to tell time. How much does it cost, when and where will it be available?


Yet another design that's harder to read than the classic hour + minute design. When it comes to readability, there has been no improvement since the invention of the digital watch.

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