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The Tokyo Flash Kisai X is inspired by cryptography – and it shows


March 5, 2013

The Kisai X is a fan-submitted design which draws inspiration from cryptography

The Kisai X is a fan-submitted design which draws inspiration from cryptography

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For those who like their watches to be anything but traditional analog timepieces, ultra-modern watchmaker Tokyo Flash has unveiled its latest design in the Kisai range. The “Kisai X” is said to be inspired by cryptography – and it shows – with a difficult-to-decipher LED face displaying what at first glance appears to be sharp lines shining through a dark pyramid lens.

The Kisai X is a fan-submitted design which sees Tokyo Flash abandoning the relatively accessible design of the Kisai Zone in favor of a timepiece which may invoke harsh ridicule or enthusiastic admiration, depending on the taste of the beholder. Either way, a reaction of some sort is all but guaranteed – which is probably half the point of purchasing a Tokyo Flash watch, after all.

According to the company, the (24 or 12) hour time is discerned from reading top to bottom, whereas minutes are shown from left to right. All of which sounds easy, but just try and work out what's displayed in the photo above.

In addition to the time of day, the Kisai X features date and alarm modes, accessed by pushing the lower button. In a similar way to the time, date is also read from top to bottom for month, and left to right for day. An animation mode also instructs the watch to display an animation at 10-minute intervals between 6 pm and midnight.

An internal rechargeable battery provides power, and this should be good for around a month before requiring a top-up via USB. The internal rechargeable battery is said to be able to complete over 300 charge cycles.

The Kisai X is available in stainless steel case and strap with silver or black finish, and a display in blue, green or red variations. It has launch price of US$99.

Source: Tokyo Flash

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The time on the watch in my view is 10:12. Let me know if I'm right :)


I have two watches from tokyo flash that make sense, this as the others from Tokyo Flash makes NO sense, who wants to tell time after staring for minutes with your ex wife laughing at you?

Bill Bennett

i have to say that watch is awesome! Put a big piece of bling on it and sell it to the rappers. 'my watch so fine i cant tell the time'


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Phonetic alphabet for what I'm thinking seeing this thing.

Doug Doyle

It seems they've raised the price to $149.00 now. I was thinking about getting one. Now I'm having second thoughts.

Stuart Anderson
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