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Tobii and SteelSeries team up to bring eye-tracking to gaming


January 2, 2014

The new gaming-targeted device will be based on Tobii's EyeX controller

The new gaming-targeted device will be based on Tobii's EyeX controller

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Having already modified an Asteroids arcade console to add eye control capabilities, Swedish company Tobii is looking to bring its eye-tracking technology to a wider gaming audience. It has teamed up with Danish gaming peripheral and accessories manufacturer SteelSeries to create a new controller that is able to detect where on a screen a person is looking.

Neither Tobii or SteelSeries has revealed much in the way of details of the unnamed device, which will be based on Tobii's forthcoming EyeX controller. The new controller will be targeted specifically at gamers and isn't designed to replace traditional game controls, but augment them, making things like accessing menus or designating targets faster and more intuitive.

An EyeX Developer Kit is currently available for pre-order to give developers time to implement eye-tracking into their games, ahead of the planned commercial availability of the device in mid 2014. The Dev Kit will be available at the promotional price of US$95 until the end of January, with the price increasing to $195 after that.

No pricing details have been announced for the commercial version, but Tobii will be at CES next week so we'll drop by to see if we can squeeze some more details out of them there.

The video below demonstrates some of the potential gaming applications for the new eye-tracking device.

Source: Tobii

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Huge, this is HUGE!

Chuck Flack

They need these in cars to capture inattention and micro sleeps.

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