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Timesnap puts portable media on a wristwatch


July 29, 2011

The Timesnap is a low-cost portable media player wristwatch

The Timesnap is a low-cost portable media player wristwatch

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Despite some initial similarities, this is definitely not another iPod nano strap, such as the TikTok or LunaTik, but Chinavision's new Timesnap MP3/MP4 multimedia player wristwatch. Although not touchscreen-based, it offers a number of features including music, image, text and video file playback, along with an FM radio, at a reasonable price.

The Timesnap watch features a flexible strap and 1.5-inch display in a plastic casing, which looks weather-resistant. According to the product page, it can be worn either on a wrist, on the upper arm, or clipped somewhere to the user's bag or clothes. It supports music file formats such as MP3, WMA and WAV, and can record audio as well. It also plays MP4 and AVI video files, as well as JPEG, BMP and GIF graphic files and TXTs.

It is operated via four buttons (a pair on either side of the housing), and comes with a calendar and a feature that displays lyrics while playing an MP3 file. It's sold with a 4GB TF card, and supports cards up to 8GB. Its only connection port is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is also utilized as a PC-connection for file transfer, and for charging via a 3.5 mm to USB cable.

The Timesnap is sold online for US$36.51, with worldwide shipping and some discounts offered when ordering larger amounts.


why does this awsome piece of technology have to be connected to pornography? i guess its true that porn and nerds sell, so whatever will sell the product regardless of class.

Gabriel Grove

Can u play music without the head phones

Azim Mohammed
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