Third Kind LED lights add otherworldly glow to any skateboard


December 9, 2013

Third Kind kits add some light for safety and style

Third Kind kits add some light for safety and style

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There are a number of outfits like Light Bohrd that make LED-lighted skateboards, adding some safety and style to the deck. But what happens if you like the lights but don't like the boards themselves? What happens is you look for a Third Kind. The company's new kit adds colorful LED lights to any skateboard, casting an eerie glow over the street or park features below.

We'd imagine it would be fairly cheap and easy to put together an LED light system of your own, but if you don't want to go through the trouble, Third Kind packs all the hardware into a kit that you can mount in minutes. The rechargeable battery pack mounts via the truck hardware, meaning you don't have to modify the board or worry about the pack ripping off because of failed adhesive. The 20-in (51-cm) light strip gets cut to size and then slapped on like a sticker.

The lights come in four bright colors – red, blue, green and pink. Third Kind claims that the hardware is both waterproof and rugged. The battery pack butts up against the front of the rear truck, which should keep it out of the way of many dings and scrapes.

It would seem like electronics mounted to the base of a skateboard might limit you from performing certain types of moves and tricks (e.g. rail slides), but Third Kind does show the kits involved in all kinds of action, so they shouldn't be too restrictive.

Third Kind debuted its light system at the Surf Expo in September and is now selling the kits on its website for US$50 a piece. The kits are also available at skate shops around the company's home base in the Jacksonville, Florida area. You can watch them hit the streets in the video below.

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Where's the fun in using a kit?


Slowburn: while I agree with you, not all skaters are really into modding and electronics. And I can see it being an easy Christmas present for the parent or what have you with more money than time.

Bryan Paschke
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