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Thinium Charge claims to be the world's thinnest wall charger


June 26, 2014

The Thinium Charge with its Lightning plug and USB dongle extended

The Thinium Charge with its Lightning plug and USB dongle extended

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Nobody likes tangled, kinked cables, but you know what they do like? Credit card-sized devices, that they can keep in their wallet. Well, Thinium’s new Charge is a credit card-format smartphone wall charger, that does away with cables.

Spied by Gizmag at CE Week in New York yesterday, the device features either a Lighting or micro USB plug on the bottom of its pop-out cradle. When the phone rests in that cradle, the plug engages the phone’s charging port.

To plug the Charge into a wall outlet, you just flip out the retractable prongs on its backside. It sits in the outlet at a slight bottom-out angle, which helps keep the phone in place by tipping it back. You can also plug it into a computer, using a pull-out USB dongle on its side. In either case, it proceeds to deliver a 1-amp quick charge to the phone.

The Thinium Charge is now available for pre-order, priced at US$49.99. Buyers can choose between black, white and gold models.

Source: Thinium

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I think it is neat since the USB plug is part of the design and not a cable attachment that could get lost or broken.


It may be the world's thinnest charger but I doubt if one could carry it in the wallet. The US electrical pins are 6 mm wide. One would assume at least additional 1 mm on both sides for it to be completely hidden when parked. Am 8 mm thick "credit card" in the wallet ? No way. Shirt pocket may be!

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