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Thermaltake's latest laptop cooler gets 200mm LED fan and angle adjustment


September 8, 2011

Thermaltake has unveiled plans to expand its cooling pads lineup by releasing Massive 23 G...

Thermaltake has unveiled plans to expand its cooling pads lineup by releasing Massive 23 GT Cooler featuring a LED-illuminated 200mm fan

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While there are many options to cool a gaming desktop PC, mobile gamers might find it a little more difficult to implement additional fans to chill their gaming laptop monsters. Thermaltake has unveiled plans to expand its laptop cooling stand lineup by releasing the Massive 23 GT Cooler - a lightweight metal stand that packs an LED-illuminated 200mm fan and, unlike previous offerings, five different angles adjustment.

The new cooler supports up to 17 inch laptops and according to the Taiwanese manufacturer it also makes a suitable (and loud) stand for tablet PCs.

Thermaltake Massive 23 GT Cooler's middle part is made of metal mesh with anti-slip rubber

The center section of the Thermaltake Massive 23 GT Cooler is made of metal mesh with an anti-slip rubber coating, while the sides and base are plastic. Its flip-up design with metal bracket allows for 5 different angles adjustment and it comes with two USB ports and a single mini USB port built-in.

The speed of 200mm red LED fan is adjustable via a control knob offering speeds from 500 to 800 RPM, with maximum noise at 24 dBA.

It's also light enough to throw in a bag at 903 grams (1.99lbs) and its dimensions are 352 x 293.1 x 41.4 mm (13.8 x 11.5 x 1.62 in).

Pricing and release date haven't been revealed by Thermaltake at this point.

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Could they have made it any uglier?

8th September, 2011 @ 11:50 pm PDT
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