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Thermaltake's Level 10 M Mouse exposes itself to serious gamers


January 17, 2012

Designed by DesignworksUSA, the Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse flaunts its inner componentry

Designed by DesignworksUSA, the Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse flaunts its inner componentry

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Design consultancy and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA has been collaborating on projects with PC case and components manufacturer Thermaltake on various projects, such as the Level 10 concept PC, since 2009. Now the two have teamed up again with Thermaltake asking DesignworksUSA to develop a series of design concepts for its upcoming range of Level 10 gaming accessories that will be created for its e-sports division. The first product out of the blocks is the Level 10 M Mouse that gamers will be able to get their palms on later this year.

While most mice demurely hide their insides under a modest cover of plastic, like the Level 10 concept PC the Level 10 M Mouse flaunts its sexy internal workings - although we're not talking exposed circuit boards and electronics here, so the mouse should last longer than a single sweat-inducing session or a couple of days in a dusty study. The upper hand plate, which almost appears to float above the base on which the guts of the device sit, is height and tilt adjustable with the turn of a screw. It also features a perforated surface designed to help stop the user's palm getting too hot and sweaty. Judging by the released images, it also appears to be a wired unit with an aluminum chassis.

Of course, no matter what it looks like, the proof of a good mouse is in the pointing and clicking, which you'll be able to do when Thermaltake launches the DesignworksUSA-designed Level 10 M Mouse this northern spring at a price yet to be announced.

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mmm, sexy-mouse drooling


Either this, or R.A.T 7..

_> This one has more red led's, which I like, but is it going to sit comfy in my hand?

Dehan Smit

I could be persuaded to give up my Sensei provided you can turn the LEDs off for night gaming.

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