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Thecus N4200 NAS with 6D technology


March 10, 2010

N4200 Zero Crash NAS has battery back up to help safeguard stored data

N4200 Zero Crash NAS has battery back up to help safeguard stored data

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Rather than tempt users with a raft of fancy (but infrequently used) features, the "Zero Crash" N4200 Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit from Thecus concentrates on providing peace of mind. Offering what's dubbed as a "6D" approach to storage stability, the unit benefits from running a second version of the operating software as a precaution against primary failure and a backup power supply.

As most of us move deeper and deeper into the digital world, backing up precious memories, films, music and documents has become a vital part of daily life. With the facility to store volumes of information and the ability to share that data between multiple computers, the NAS offers an excellent, adaptable and affordable option for safeguarding our digitized lives.

The N4200 NAS from Thecus also introduces what the company calls "6D technology" to help guard against potential data loss whilst providing speedy access to data.

The first "D" stands for dual-core, the N4200 being powered by Intel's 1.66GHz Atom D510 processor backed up by a gigabyte of DDR2 SDRAM. Next in line is Dual Disk On Module (DOM) technology - which could probably count as a double-D - an operating software solution that offers protection from a unit rendered inaccessible by system meltdown. Having only one DOM could result is data loss if failure occurs so Thecus has included a secondary backup to take care of primary DOM reprogramming should the unthinkable happen.

Not content with just one display interface, Thecus has thrown two into the N4200 and also given us our next "D". An LCD display keeps users up to date with important system information and a 2.8in OLED screen allows for settings management directly on the unit. As well as drawing power from the mains, the unit safeguards against power failure with a Li-ion battery pack and thereby provides dual power.

Rounding off the "6D" checklist is the facility to install either 2.5" or 3.5" storage solutions into the unit's drive bays - dual storage profile support - and the ability to configure two RAID modes simultaneously - dual RAID support.

The N4200 is available now, prices start at around US$780 without drives.

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