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The Wider 42 - more deckspace and stability in 12 seconds


March 22, 2012

The Wider 42 Motor Yacht

The Wider 42 Motor Yacht

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One of the stars of the Palm Beach International Boat Show which began today is the Italian Wider 42 footer, with Wider being both an appropriate adjective and the master brand name.

The Wider works ingeniously in that you can activate mobile extensions either side of the hull, double the deck area and give the boat complete stability, all at the press of a button.

Wider was established in March 2010 based on a concept by Tilli Antonelli, the founder and former President of Pershing Yachts.

The Wider 42 Motor Yacht

Based in Castelvecchio di Monte Porzio (PU), in Italy, Wider designs, constructs and markets open day-cruisers, in addition to ramping up for the production of its new Wider category of yacht. Models both smaller and larger than the 42 are planned, and the idea is patented.

The Wider 42 Motor Yacht

Wider "aims to invent new formulas for travelling by sea, proposing bold, original solutions" and the new 42 footer, from well-known designer Fulvio De Simoni, is exactly that - an open yacht with automatic, patented and quite revolutuionary system.

The Wider 42’ debuted at the 2011 Cannes boat show and you can download a brochure already.

The Wider 42 Motor Yacht
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This is really cool. It would be neat to see the smaller versions.

In places where they have fireworks over large open bodies of water, this would be a great place to see them.

It would be great to dive from this boat.

22nd March, 2012 @ 06:57 pm PDT

I like the idea but for any boat I can't pull behind my pickup I'll go with a catamaran.

22nd March, 2012 @ 07:28 pm PDT

Not a bad idea. Do this to the cabin area and you got a amphibious mobile home.

Richard Dicky Riddlebarger
23rd March, 2012 @ 09:22 am PDT
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