The USD30K Tazzari ZERO City Sportscar released at Bologna Motor Show


December 8, 2009

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Italian EV maker Tazzari has finally released its long-awaited US$30,000 ZERO electric vehicle at the Bologna Motor Show. The tiny ZERO weighs in at just 540 kg (1195 pounds), has a range of 88 miles, a top speed of 56mph, four different driving modes and requires almost no upkeep.

The ZERO runs on lithium batteries, has an aluminum chassis and Tazzari used the racetrack (AKA Road Test Course) at the show to demonstrate the car’s go-kart handling and 120 foot-pound of torque, which they claim sets it apart from any EV. The computer settings for the drive system include four modes, one of which is a full race mode. Apart from four-wheel disc brakes, the ZERO also has regenerative braking.

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