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The Roost laptop stand combines hunch-beating height wth ultra-portable design


June 26, 2013

When fully extended, The Roost lifts the top of a 13-inch MacBook Air screen to 19.25 inch...

When fully extended, The Roost lifts the top of a 13-inch MacBook Air screen to 19.25 inches (48.9 cm) above the table

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It's no surprise to learn that prolonged use of a laptop is bad for your posture. The solution has long been to use a laptop stand, but many of stands don't provide adequate height, and when it comes time to hit the road, they tend to stay on the desk at home. The Roost is a new take on the laptop stand that aims to address these issues.

When fully extended, The Roost lifts the top of a 13-inch MacBook Air screen to 19.25 inches (48.9 cm) above the table. This places the screen at eye level, preventing hunching and improving posture.

While the extra height is a bonus, The Roost also combines this with the ability to collapse to only 1 inch by 1.5 inches wide and 13 inches long (2.5cm x 3.8cm x 33cm). Add carbon fiber and Delrin plastic construction to the mix and you have a strong, portable stand that weighs just 5 oz (142 g).

Using The Roost with a second monitor

The Roost is designed to support most laptops 13 inches and larger that have a clamshell hinge. The company has a guide for determining if your laptop will fit. It can also be used for supporting other things you might want at eye height like tablets and books.

The Roost creator James Olander is funding for his device on Kickstarter where it has already blown past its modest US$9,300 goal.

Olander talks about the development process in the Kickstarter pitch below.

Source: The Roost Stand and Kickstarter

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This is quite a nice little stand, very well thought out. My laptops and monitors are forever on a stand of some type. It was quite funny for me to see that the second monitor in one of the pics is also placed on a thick book. Almost everybody in my company has their monitor standing on a book, box or some type of makeshift stand. Amazing that most monitors seems to be coming out with inadeqaute height adjustments.

27th June, 2013 @ 04:24 am PDT

While it is cool in its simplicity, it does require that one brings a keyboard with you to use with the laptop computer. It is one more item that one has to remember to bring with you when travelling.

I think it would be perfect when watching videos on ones laptop computer; IMO.

27th June, 2013 @ 05:55 am PDT

It's nice, but of course the hand position is still very wrong.

The hands should be in a relaxed curved closed position, not at all the way laptops force hands to be.

It's time to see laptops with typing sections that hinge, closest edge up, so hands can be in the position they should be.

Dan Lewis
27th June, 2013 @ 09:33 am PDT
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