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The Reiter Gallardo GT3 Strada: roadgoing race car


December 28, 2008

 The Reiter Gallardo GT3 Strada: roadgoing race car

The Reiter Gallardo GT3 Strada: roadgoing race car

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December 29, 2008 Reiter Engineering’s factory-backed Lamborghinis run at the forefront of GT racing, which makes its latest offering a bit special – the Gallardo GT3 Strada is a roadgoing version of the company’s Gallardo GT3 race car.

Everything you’d expect is there including more horsepower and much less weight, mainly due to the liberal use of carbon fibre in all the hang-on parts - quarter panels, front splitter, skirts, bumper and rear wing. The exhaust system devised by German Formula 1 supplier MHG is the cleverest bit – for round town, it delivers 75db, but at the press of a button, special high pass filters come into play and the full symphony of the 535 bhp (367 kW) 4961cc V-10 comes into play. You can specify the Holinger six-speed sequential gearbox (with power shift) in any of 110 sets of ratios. All in all, we figure that with one of these, you can be fairly confident that you won’t find much out there capable of racing you to the shops and back successfully.

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