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The Instaboat Fisherman foldable aluminium canoe


May 11, 2009

The Instaboat Fisherman foldable aluminium canoe

The Instaboat Fisherman foldable aluminium canoe

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May 12, 2009 The Quebec-manufactured Instaboat has added a second canoe to its easily transportable, collapsible aluminium boat range aimed specifically at fishermen. The new Instaboat Fisherman folds down to a package just 16 cm wide, 3.45 metres long and 38 cm deep weighing 38 kg. Preparing (see video) the US$1500 unsinkable Fisherman for the water takes just two minutes and offers a 245 kg weight capacity.

We were quite taken with the Fisherman which has some distinct advantages for those who like to pack light for a holiday, most notably that it'll fit on just about any roof-rack, it's easy to carry and store for just one person, and it's very stable and safe to use.

The Fisherman aluminum folding canoe is sold with a 5-year warranty and is very convenient for portage. The new Fisherman has several advantages over the original Pirogue model, carrying 245 kg (540 pounds) compared to the Pirogue's 204 kg (450 pounds) and the ability to handle a 5 HP outboard compared to the Pirogue's 2 HP motor.

Addendum: The Instaboat Fisherman is currently the subject of patent infringement action.

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