The EyeBall tossable surveillance device


March 27, 2006

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March 28, 2006 The Eye Ball is about the size of a baseball (roughly 3.25 inches), weighs less than one pound and is encased in a rubber and polyurethane housing that enables it to be thrown through windows or doors and bounced off walls. It's when the Eyeball lands that it becomes incredibly useful as it can capture video up to 25 metres distance and audio up to five metres, and then wirelessly send that real-time info up to 200 metres to handheld device. An omnidirectional lens rotates at 4 rpm and provides a 55-degree horizontal and 41-degree vertical field of view. It doesn't even need daylight as it also has night vision capability. Warfighters or Law enforcement officers can roll, toss, or drop the rugged Eye Ball into virtually any hazardous situation - providing the immediate visibility required for users to make safe, intelligent decisions in dangerous environments.

Once deployed, the Eye Ball captures and transmits real-time audio and video to the Eye Ball's Personal Display Unit (PDU). In addition to serving as a wireless receiver, the easy-to-use PDU enables users to direct the Eye Ball with precision, focusing the video camera throughout the Eye Ball's 360-degree viewing area. The PDU also activates the Eye Ball's near-infrared "night vision" for dark operations. The Eye Ball streams audio and video up to 200 yards away from the PDU. The Eye Ball orients itself automatically to provide users with a clear picture. Users control the Eye Ball's 360-degree rotation via the PDU and gaining visibility through its 6.4 inch color screen.

Internal Eye Ball near-infrared LEDs illuminate dark environments and can be set manually or automatically.

The Eye Ball R1 is also quite versatilite and attaches quickly to a pole - providing visibility into ceilings or attics, looking around corners, down hallways, or into rooms.

The Eye Ball and PDU use lithium ion batteries and maintain battery power for up to four and two and one-half hours respectively. The Eye Ball and PDU units are easily rechargeable to ensure they are always ready for deployment.

The Eyeball is sold in the United States by Mistral Group and manufactured and marketed in the rest of the world by Isreali Company ODF Optronics.

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