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The 600bhp 1000kg US$425,000 Hulme CanAm


February 1, 2009

Denny's championship-winning CanAM car and the new Hulme CanAm.

Denny's championship-winning CanAM car and the new Hulme CanAm.

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February 2, 2009 The name Hulme holds a special respect in New Zealand, partly because Denny Hulme won a World F1 title in 1967 and two CanAm (the nearest any major international racing series ever got to “anything goes”) titles, and partly for the Rambo-esque, Victoria Cross-winning exploits of Denny's father Clive during WWII. The Hulme Supercar which honours his name was announced in 2005, and recently former F1 driver Chris Amon did a demo lap of a pre-production CanAm Hulme at the NZ round of A1GP. The open top road legal CanAm weighs less than 1000kg and produces 600bhp and will go into limited production in 2010 for an expected GBP295,000 there's a coupe version coming too.

Celebrating Hulme's F1 and CanAm series victories, the Hulme CanAm takes conceptual, engineering and styling cues from current Formula One and sports racing car technology and true to its CanAm heritage, uses a hand-built 7-litre (427cu.in) Chevrolet V8 developing 600 bhp and 600Nm torque fed through a close-ratio, six-speed CIMA gearbox.

Created for both road and track use, the road-legal CanAm features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and bodywork and weighs in at less than 1,000kg but, despite its obvious race car performance, the development focus has been on driveability, with power delivery and handling dynamics optimised for maximum driving enjoyment on track and on the road.

via Hulme Supercars

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