Tesla unveils Model X crossover electric car


February 9, 2012

Tesla's Model X crossover electric vehicle is based on the same platform as the Model S

Tesla's Model X crossover electric vehicle is based on the same platform as the Model S

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Tesla has unveiled its latest electric car, the Model X, at its California Design Studios. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the prototype crossover vehicle on display was the company's most advanced to appear at a launch so is unlikely to differ significantly from the vehicle that will be put into production. The vehicle will be available in both rear- and four-wheel-drive versions. The latter packs two independent electric motors - one on the rear axle and the other in the "engine bay" - with a "Perfromance" all-wheel drive model able to accelerate from 0 - 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in under five seconds.

The prototype crossover vehicle on display to assembled media is based on the same platform as Tesla's Model S but is slightly heavier. As a result the Model X's range is expected to be around 10 percent less than the Model S, which has a range of 160 miles extendable to 230 or 300 miles with a battery pack upgrade. The Model X offers the option of a 60 kWh or 85 kWh battery pack.

As suggested in a teaser image tweeted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier in the day, the Model X's new "falcon-wing doors" are two-piece articulated gull wing doors. But instead of providing access to the front seats, they make access easier for those in the second and third row seats - that's right, the Model X has three rows of seating, all front facing, and is designed to seat seven adults with cargo room in the rear and front trunks. In fact access will be much easier as the doors should provide enough room for anyone not tall enough to be part of a professional basketball team to stand up in the car.

The Model X is set to enter production in late 2013, with deliveries due to start in early 2014. It is expected to be similarly priced to the Model S, which starts at US$49,900 after the US federal tax credit. Telsa is now taking reservations for the Model X on its website.

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o my god, it so beautifull


Gull Wing doors mean I would have to buy a kayak trailer. Guess it doesn\'t matter, if I could afford it, I would get one. When are they coming out with the economy models?

Bryan Paschke

I was disappointed that none of the pictures shows the interior. I\'ve got a family of six and would like to try to imagine how we would fit in such a machine.

Gull wing doors are cool. They remind me of back to the future, but I do remember Marty (Michael J Fox) bumping his head on them often enough. Where I live we always have lots of wind and gull wing doors seem that they would let the weather in much more effectively - usually not good. They might also have bad interactions with garage door openers.

Its another electric car that is priced so high that only those who can afford to buy lots of gasoline can get one. Still the trend is good 100K for the roadster, 60K for the model S, 50K for the X. Some day I may be able to afford one. :-)

Way to go Tesla!

( I wish the old used roadsters would get cheap but their market value just stays up there.) Guess I\'ll have to build my own or work a few King Crab missions.

Rustin Haase

The great thing about Gull Wing doors is that if you have enough room to get to them you have enough room to fully open them. .............................................................................................................................

Including recharges how long would it take me to drive from Denver to LA at posted speed limits?


why are governments not backing this kind of design tech?it\'s a no brainer to a poor naive fool like me!! seriously,this seems to be an all round vehicle to solve an itching shortfall in clean personal transport.linked to a sustainable means of power my mind,the problem,at least one part of it,is solved.but now,the only fly in the ointment is short sighted administrations with their own short termist agendas,oh well,soldier on day.


re; floccipaucinihilipilification

They are that is why the idea of electric cars keep making a comeback despite the fact that electricity storage devices are clearly not up to the task.



Wow, you must have one heck of a commute (over 80 miles each way to make the Model S \"not up to the task\")


re; MrRodgers

You must be rich to afford one car for commuting, and another for weekend trips. I occasionally have to take several hundred mile trips essentially without notice, and without time to recharge a battery on the way.


It\'s great that it comes with a Federal rebate. Did you know that Chevy Volt buyers get a $10,000. Federal credit? Did you also know that the average income of a Volt buyer is $177,000? I\'m so glad that a portion my taxes help these \"fat cats\" with their purchase. I make $40,000.

Get the Feds OUT OF MY POCKET!

Gary Beach

\"I\'m so glad that a portion my taxes help these \"fat cats\" with their purchase. I make $40,000.\" You already send your tax dollars to support subsidy\'s for the oil companies so you don\'t have to pay the actual price for gas!

Jerry Peavy

Conversation overheard in 1904: "Why would you want one of those new-fangled auto-mobiles? I could buy 30 horses for the price of ONE of those, and the cost of that gasoline alone would be enough to feed all 30 horses for a month! Crazy rich fat-cats and their auto-mobiles... it'll never work out. That Ford company will be out of business in just a couple years."

BTW, in 1904 the Ford Model "B" sold for $2,000... or $52,000 in inflation adjusted dollars....40% more expensive than the Chevy Volt...

Matt Rings

"flappes1968" says: " I occasionally have to take several hundred mile trips essentially without notice, and without time to recharge a battery on the way". So, the Tesla just isn't for. You need a Volt or a BMW i3 (with range extending generator).

I'm guessing a Ford F-350 or a motor scooter isn't for you either, so pick a car that meets your needs and appreciate other vehicles for what THEY offer to those who have other needs.

"Gary Boach" says: "I'm so glad that a portion my taxes help these "fat cats" with their (Volt) purchase. I make $40,000".

I agree. I also think our tax dollars should not be used to subsidize oil companies OR to fund the US Navy, Air Force, Marines & Special Forces that patrol the Middle East to protect the oil supply for the world (it's a "hidden" tax we ALL pay).

If the expense those tax dollars covered were included in the price of gas (as they SHOULD be) then gas prices would be $23.00 a gallon and people like me, that take the bus or use a bike, would not be forced to contribute to that "hidden" tax burden (like we do now) to subsidize people like you who use gas powered vehicles and we (bus riders) would pay less taxes. Works for me. How does that work for you Gary?

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