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Software update brings "creep" option to Tesla Model S


September 18, 2012

A software update will let the Tesla Model S "creep" forward like an ICE-powered automatic

A software update will let the Tesla Model S "creep" forward like an ICE-powered automatic

Keeping the software on PCs, smartphones and tablets up to date has become a daily chore for many people. Now even car owners are being dragged onto the software update treadmill with Tesla adding a “creep” option to its Model S via a free software download.

Creep is the term used to describe the slow forward movement (creeping) of an ICE powered automatic vehicle when idling and the brake is released. Despite there being no actual need for electric vehicles to do this, Tesla has received requests from numerous drivers to add this behavior to its Model S electric vehicle.

With the Model S offering wireless internet connectivity, the software update will add the creep function without requiring a trip to a service center. Once installed, owners will be able to activate and disable the creep function via the vehicle’s 17-inch touchscreen.

Source: Tesla Motors via Green Car Reports

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Great - enable bad driving behavior on the latest technology.

Bob Fately

Now the Tesla can be inched forward at stop lights to stay right on the back bumper of the cars ahead that creep up so everyone can sit there with their brakes on, not going when the light turns green.

Gregg Eshelman

Why is this bad driving behaviour? It is a very useful function available since automatic gearboxes were invented and makes uphill starts much neater. Even better on an electric driven car it need cause no damage to drivetrain.

Ian McIntosh

My personal dumbdown of this: IT'S NOT A CAR. IT'S A GIANT SMARTPHONE WITH WHEELS, A TRUNK AND A FRUNK, AND CLIMATE CONTROL. I hope the insurance companies will require some lockout of all the visual information / controls if the wheels are rolling on this thing, masterpiece that it is. My doubts are about the nut behind the wheel.

Dave B13
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