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Terrarium Desk brings the outdoors indoors


February 11, 2013

Daniel Zellor using his laptop on Terrarium Desk (Photo: Daniel Zeller)

Daniel Zellor using his laptop on Terrarium Desk (Photo: Daniel Zeller)

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Working exclusively indoors obviously has its advantages, but it isn't completely free of annoying issues. During the winter months especially, the lack of sunlight and absence of nature can have a depressing effect. One solution may be to bring the outdoors indoors, which is exactly what Daniel Zeller has tried to achieve with his Terrarium Desk.

The Terrarium Desk was born out of Zeller's love for green products and his proclaimed desire to "green up my apartment." Reading the content on creative websites such as Gizmag, as well as seeing other creative efforts on Pinterest, gave Zeller the inspiration to create the Terrarium Desk. As a mobile app developer in Norway who spends long hours at his desk, Zeller possessed a strong desire to add some greenery to his working environment.

The innovative piece of furniture is made from regular, locally-sourced wood that Zeller artificially aged using "a combination of a blowtorch, steel scrape and wood stain," with this method being followed.

The tabletop is made from tempered glass with the drawers on each side made from regular cut glass. Zeller states that the Terrarium Desk turned out "almost the way I planned it," but that the main body where the plants actually live should be a little shorter in order for it to be "perfectly comfortable."

Inside the Terrarium Desk, Zeller has placed Hedrea Helix, Campulana Portenschlagiana, and "various [other] plants from Ikea." Plants placed in a terrarium need very little watering – Zeller suggesting "once a month" as often enough – meaning the upkeep of the plants chosen is very easy indeed.

The windowed top of Terrarium Desk allows the user to feel the presence of greenery even t...

I asked Zeller whether this inspirational piece of office furniture was purely for personal use or whether he'd ever consider turning it into a commercial interest, to which he replied, "Right now it's mainly for personal use, but if someone wanted to produce it, that would be great." He further states that the Terrarium Desk, as well as the other things he creates, is "just a hobby for me."

While it's probably easier to add greenery to your living space using pot plants, there is something compelling about having them installed directly into your workstation. They will be a constant presence in your eye-line thanks to their central position, and the light source could also help lift your mood during long, cold, dark winters cooped up inside.

Source: Pinterest via Inhabitat

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Nice terrarium table. I would not call it a disk. The poor guy on the photo hardly managed to get his knees underneath it.

Paul van Dinther
11th February, 2013 @ 12:41 pm PST

Great idea, but why did he put it in the middle? Looks a tad uncomfortable. You could actually put one on each side and have a drawer in the middle.

Joe Sobotka
12th February, 2013 @ 08:17 am PST

My company frowns on decorating our offices with Pot plants.

I was thinking of a hydroponic desk, then you could open it up and grab some lunch.

13th February, 2013 @ 08:48 am PST
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