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Tequila! modular kayak is a snap to transport, stow or change from solo to tandem


February 24, 2010

Thankfully, though it snaps apart it is rigid enough and watertight where it counts most

Thankfully, though it snaps apart it is rigid enough and watertight where it counts most

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The Tequila! kayak from Swedish company Point65 is a truly versatile modular watercraft that comes apart to make it easy to stow without the need for specialized storage systems at home. Ideal for people living in apartments or units or those who already have a full garage, the sit-on-top kayak breaks down into manageable components and fits into the rear of most vehicles, meaning there’s no need for roofracks. While the idea of a collapsible kayak isn't new, the added bonus of the Tequila! design is that it can be changed from a solo to a tandem kayak by adding another modular piece and snapping it together.

Not all paddlers are happy transporting their kayaks above their vehicles. They can come loose in transit and be destroyed as well as causing damage to other property and people. Roofracks are often hard to fit and remove, are noisy when full or empty and we’ve all heard of someone who forgot they had their kayak, canoe or bike on the roof and drove into a garage causing damage and mayhem.

Then there’s also fatigue – after a hard day out on the water, having to lift and position a kayak on the roof of a car can be an arduous task.

And how hard is it for many people to store something as cumbersome as a kayak?

Award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito from Point 65 has created the Tequila! with its innovative Snap-Tap system that snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds for a kayak that is safe, stable, and strong making it by far the most lightweight Sit On Top kayak on the market, he says.

The Tequila! is billed as a rigid high-performance kayak that wont come apart at sea – when you least need it to - but can be carried with a smile on your face, put into the trunk of your car, and stored under your bed.

It’s available throughout Europe at selected dealerships. Details are on the Point 65 website.

The Tequila was one of seven products to be nominated as a finalist in the hardware section of the annual ISPO (International Trade Fair For Sports Equipment and Fashion) BrandNew Award. The competition is run in conjunction with the trade show held in Munich. We'll feature a few more winners and finalists in the days to come.


Any ideas on when this might be available for purchase in the United States? I\'m sure I could fork over an arm or leg for shipping costs, but I think I\'ll wait until a vendor here picks it up... I just wonder when that will be. Any help?

Jon Davis

REI\'s store in north Atlanta has one on display, I saw it tonight.

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