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Ten Count punching bag combines brawn with a brain


November 15, 2012

The Ten Count is a 'smart' punching bag that records the number and force of the user's pu...

The Ten Count is a 'smart' punching bag that records the number and force of the user's punches

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts of performance-monitoring devices designed for the likes of runners, cyclists and even swimmers. According to Canadian boxer, electrician and boxing coach Michael Williamson, however, the only tech innovation to hit the world of boxing has been the introduction of Velcro closures on the gloves. He decided to address that situation, and invented the Ten Count smart punching bag.

The Ten Count incorporates several modified accelerometers and a microprocessor, which work together to record the number of punches delivered within a given time (it can register up to ten strikes per second), along with the force of each one. That information is sent by Bluetooth to a nearby computer or smartphone, where the stats are displayed on-screen for analysis.

After each session, users are presented not only with the total number of hits and the force of each one, but also their average punching power, and the numerical value of the single most powerful hit. In subsequent training sessions, they can then try to beat some or all of those figures. Also, if a change in their weight, diet or training has had an effect on their performance, that should be reflected in their numbers.

Users can additionally go online and compare their numbers to those of other Ten Count users, or even compete against them.

Williamson is currently raising productions funds on Indiegogo, and told us that he hopes to have a commercial version of the Ten Count ready to go within six to eight months. A pledge of US$299 will get you one, when and if they reach production. More information is available in his pitch video below.

Boxers who like a little more sass in their training equipment might also want to check out the Punching Pro – it’s a sparring apparatus that fights back.

Source: Indiegogo via Dragon’s Den

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