Shooting planes with lasers makes for better comms

Whether they're flying over battlefields, disaster sites or search-and-rescue operations, aircraft can prove to be a valuable "eye in the sky" for ground crews. Usually, data is transmitted from those planes using radio signals. Such signals can be jammed or intercepted, however, plus bandwidth limitations put a damper on just how much data can be sent. That's why scientists from the University of Oxford and Airbus Group Innovations are now using lasers instead.Read More

Google Fiber is heading to San Francisco

Google Fiber is continuing its scattershot approach to bringing gigabit Internet to the people. Google announced Wednesday that the company will use existing fiber optic cables to bring broadband to certain apartments and condos in San Francisco.Read More

Off-grid device keeps you connected when your network can’t

Areas devoid of wireless service, or events where too many users overload the network, could become less of a connectivity issue with the recent launch of the Beartooth. Working on a sub 1 GHz bandwidth, the device is claimed to turn your smartphone into an off-grid network that enables users to talk, text and find their friends on maps where cellular service and Wi-Fi connections are non-existent.Read More

Simplified optical receiver would cut cost of fiber-to-the-home broadband

Researchers at University College London (UCL) have successfully created a new optical receiver that they believe is simple and cheap enough to produce and install on a large scale. The new technology uses a fraction of the components of existing tech, and could provide in-home data transmission rates of up to 10 Gb/s.Read More

World record Internet data transfer rate almost 50,000 times faster than broadband

At a blistering 1.125 terabits per second, a new optical communication system developed by University College London (UCL) researchers has created a new record for the fastest ever data transfer rate for digital information. At the quoted rate, say the researchers, the entire HD series of the TV show Game of Thrones could be downloaded in less than one second. Read More

Google rolls out free gigabit Fiber to public housing properties

The internet provides a level playing field, by allowing anyone online to take a course or start a business. For it to do so, however, everyone must have access to it. A new Google Fiber initiative will ensure that low-income families in US public housing get that access, via a superfast connection.Read More

Microsoft's undersea data center uses the ocean to keep its cool

Although many people may think that cloud computing exists purely in cyberspace, it does in fact have a physical home – data centers located around the world, each one full of linked servers. These data centers use a lot of power, they create a lot of heat, and it helps if they're close to populated areas. While we've already seen some creative approaches to meeting these needs, Microsoft recently announced that it's tried something else yet … it anchored an unmanned data center to the bottom of the sea.Read More

Mitsubishi's SeaAerial turns fountains into antennae

When someone mentions a radio aerial, it tends to conjure up a vision of something made of steel and wire. But what about one made of water? On Thursday, the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation unveiled its SeaAerial, which uses a column of seawater sprayed into the air to create a radio transceiver antenna. Designed for use at sea or offshore, it's billed as the world's first seawater antenna capable of receiving digital terrestrial broadcasts.Read More

Wi-Fi Alliance announces 802.11ah HaLow technology for connected cars

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced a designation for the IEEE 802.11ah frequency called HaLow. HaLow operates in frequency bands below one gigahertz to offer longer range and lower power usage. This certification is meant for power-efficient use needs with longer-range capability such as smart home, digital healthcare, retail and connected car applications.Read More


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