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TAXI station hails a cab for you


September 13, 2012

How the TAXI station would look at night

How the TAXI station would look at night

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For people who live in towns and cities, catching a taxi cab is a regular pastime. Hailing one on the street can be dangerous, and persuading one to stop seems to be more about luck than anything else. Taxi stands or taxi ranks provide an alternative, but they normally amount to nothing more than a structure to keep out the worst of the weather. The TAXI station from Designnobis seeks to up the ante, providing a visual presence for taxi cabs and their potential passengers.

TAXI station is a design concept from Hakan Gürsu, the CEO and founder of Designnobis. It comprises a compact building housing a waiting lounge for passengers, office space and storage space for those on duty, a kitchen and cabinets for drivers, and a WC for all. The sloping roof on one side enables plants to soften the hard edges of the steel and glass structure.

The most obvious feature of TAXI station is the TAXI lettering that rises almost the full height of the building, encompassing everything inside. While being mostly structural, this lettering also provides a visual reminder of what the building is for; a beacon for weary passengers as they seek to find transport to their destination of choice.

TAXI station was recently named the winner in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category for 2011-2012 of the A'Design Award and Competition.

Source: Designnobis via A'Design via NOTCOT

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Why not have the station beam a message to taxi cars that there is a fare waiting at the booth? Or have the TAXI light light up differently when there is a person waiting? The office on site is nice, but not a good idea in most American cities.


Must for Europe, esp London & other UK cities. Radical. Love this Test for LA CA area.

Stephen Russell

It does not make sense. This is about 20-30 years too late

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