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New industrial strength touch screen from Tangent


November 22, 2007

New industrial strength touch screen from Tangent

New industrial strength touch screen from Tangent

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November 23, 2007 Tangent Inc. has announced the release of a group of ultra slim, industrial strength touch screen PCs called the VITA K Series. The all-in-one PCs feature dust-free, water-proof front bezels, VESA wall-mount brackets, and 15, 17 or 19 inch LCD displays with NEMA 3/IP55 dust and water proofing. The metal enclosures not only look smart, they are also energy efficient and industrial strength for use in healthcare, industrial automation, digital signage, information kiosk and self-service check-outs roles, and other applications exposed to hostile environments.

Each model in the series (the 7200K, 7500K, 7700K and 7900K) is equipped with a high brightness TFT panel and resistive SAW touch. They weigh 12.8-19.8 lbs. and measure 2.25 inches in depth, an important consideration in wall-mounted applications. Under the hood the VITA K Series features Intel Pentium M 1.80GHz processors and i855GM chipset. Designed to help companies achieve their Green Energy Reduction Initiatives the 21 watt CPU runs at 1.8GHz. and throttles down whenever CPU loading decreases, thanks to Intel’s Enhanced Speed Step power management. They consume only 19 watts in standby mode, 57 watts in the "on" position while idle using Intel's ESS (Enhanced Speed Step), and 65 watts at 100 percent utilization. This compares to a typical PC and monitor using 150-300 watts.

“Unlike most office computers, the VITA K Series are designed to take a beating,” said Douglas Monsour, Tangent’s President. “They withstand shock, dust, vibration, humidity, extreme cold and heat, tampering, and electro magnetic interference. And they have a design that is a real eye-catcher.”

Other features include wireless LAN, touch screen driver software, and cash drawer port, which is designed to make the job of setting up a point-of-sale system easier. The VITA PC’s, which come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Pro, include a 40GB hard drive, four serial and USB ports and can take up to 2GB of DDR SDRAM. A special fan-less version of the VITA K Series is available eliminating the CPU and chassis fans, a major source of failure in dirty environments. Tangent backs the PC’s with a one-year parts and labor warranty and optional one year on-site service.

VITA PC’s are available from a starting price of USD$1,700.

For further info or to order visit Tangent.

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