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Golfer takes delivery of first "Tailor Made" Ferrari in North America


September 3, 2012

Ian Poulter's personalized Ferrari FF

Ian Poulter's personalized Ferrari FF

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It's a given that anyone in the market for a Ferrari is looking to stand out from the crowd. If you are really concerned about the prospect of having to park next to an identical supercar on your next trip to the shops though, you can always go for some extra personalization. Ferrari has long been aware of this dilemma and late last year ramped up its personalization efforts with the launch of the "Tailor Made" program. Professional golfer and renowned snappy-dresser Ian Poulter has just become the first North American recipient of the fruits of this endeavor, taking delivery of a unique, tartan-trimmed Ferrari FF.

"Tailor Made" is designed to give buyers control over all of the fine details of their new ride in order to ensure that their entry into this exclusive club is sufficiently, err, exclusive. With the help of their own Personal Designer, buyers can specify finishes, accessories, materials, treatments and colors, from cashmere to carbon-fiber. In Poulter's case - staying true to his on course fashion forays - this translates to being the proud owner of the first ever car to carry both the prancing stallion badge and tartan interior trim.

Poulter's Ferrari FF also gets lashings of black Poltrona Frau Leather, red highlights on the dashboard and instruments, a triple layer of "Sabbia" pearlescent white paint on the exterior and a carbon fiber lined boot. Consider this ride pimped.

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Just the thing for that person with lots of money and an ego to match - a cooler paint job!

Bob Fately

Is it me, or does this car look very much like a Ferrari-ised VW Scirocco?


Ferrari should have done their research. What good does it do them to be associated with some candy-ass golfer?

Jeff Chernoff
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