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Tagtal tStylus lets you transfer data between device screens


August 19, 2013

The tStylus allows users to transfer data between devices without pairing

The tStylus allows users to transfer data between devices without pairing

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Chinese startup Tagtal is looking to bring an interesting new stylus to market. The tStylus, as it's called, is able to copy data from the screen it's touching and bring that data to another device. While in use, the stylus functions like a physical version of the selection tool in Photoshop. Instead of moving from image to image, you are moving from device to device. It is able to move images, video, and other various forms of media between the two devices, as long as each of them is running the software that allows it to receive input from the tStylus.

Part of what makes the stylus interesting, and where it can get an edge over Bluetooth sharing, is that the devices do not need to be paired with one another. Of course, the trade-off there is that the accompanying tStylus software has to be installed on the receiving device. If the owner of said phone or tablet doesn't have a tStylus of his or her own, it's unlikely that the software will be there already. Additionally, so far, the stylus is only compatible with iOS devices.

Copying data looks to be as simple as selecting something, holding down the stylus on the selection, and then holding the stylus down on the other device. Of course, time will tell how efficient this actually is when we get a chance to try it out for ourselves, but if the pitch video (found below) is any indication, the process looks to be very smooth.

The software behind the data transfer is called OSP (On-Screen Port). It also relies on the cloud to receive the data. The company is opening this up to developers, so in theory, more applications will be created that can make use of the functionality. In the meantime, the company is creating a couple of apps including Tagtal Paper, which allows users to write and draw, and then use the stylus to copy between devices. Tagtal Album is another app in development that allows users to view and copy photos.

The company is seeking funding for the tStylus on Indiegogo, which allows international funding. It's still very far off from its US$20,000 goal. Backers interested in receiving a stylus of their own will need to drop a pledge of $29 until the early specials run out. Once gone, the price jumps to $49. Should the product make it to retail, the company plans to charge $80.

Source: Indiegogo via Mashable

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We have USB 3G dongles that work on absolutely all operating systems. The way these operates is that there is a small amount of flash ram that has the drivers for the operating systems. If it is not installed on the system autorun feature would install the necessary drivers and the dingle would be fully functional. Perhaps the developer could add this feature to the device.

Gosh I missed out on iDevice stupidity ! It won't allow anything on the device unless paid for at Apple Store. Maybe they should simply ignore iPlatform and go with Windows, Linux and Android.!


You would hope that eventually everyone would see the light, and that this device would work cross-platform like flash drives.

Fritz Menzel
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