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Lenovo's new Yoga tablet doesn't flip and fold like its Windows Yogas, but it can be used ...

Most tablets look pretty similar. You could argue that this is because their iPad-like form factor makes the most sense. But Lenovo thinks there's still some room for variety. Take the company's new Yoga Android tablets, which add a cylindrical bulge and kickstand to the traditional tablet design.  Read More

We've been impressed with Lenovo's Ultrabook keyboards before – will the new model continu...

Last year's Windows 8 launch was accompanied by a slew of new Ultrabooks, tablets, and hybrid convertibles. Out of that bunch, one of the most interesting has been Lenovo's series of Yoga PCs. Like a yoga instructor, the Yoga PC bends, stretches, and flips into several different poses. If you've been eyeing that form factor but haven't yet pulled the trigger, then you might want to know that Lenovo just announced its first proper follow-up, the Yoga 2 Pro.  Read More

Move, designed by Electric Foxy, is a kind of sensorial tank top that monitors movements d...

Since the 1980s keeping fit has become an ever more popular pursuit and these days, the diversity of fitness programs is truly breath-taking and increasingly high tech. With a prototype created by an avant-garde Seattle design lab, exercise looks set to become positively futuristic. Along similar lines to the MotivePro vibrating suit we looked at last week, Move, designed by Electric Foxy, a company that develops wearable technology, is a kind of sensorial tank top that monitors movements during exercise to help people improve their performance, with particular emphasis on movement precision.  Read More

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing shows off the IdeaPad Yoga at CES 2012 (Photo: Lenovo)

Just as soon as Windows 8 is released, Lenovo will come to the rescue of those who simply can't choose between a notebook and a tablet with a new IdeaPad called the YOGA. Claimed to be the industry's first multi-mode notebook with a 360 degree flip-and-fold design, the new portable computing solution combines the ease-of-use of a 10-point capacitive touch tablet with the functionality and slim profile of an Ultrabook, while also bringing the screen closer to the user with a tent/stand monitor mode.  Read More

The Attitube uses water motion resistance to build core strength

If you’ve ever tried carrying an aquarium full of water, you’ll know that not only is the stuff heavy, but it’s also difficult to keep from sloshing back and forth. The Attitube, a relatively new fitness training device, takes advantage of those qualities to build core stability. Designed by Canadian former professional wrestler and present-day strength and stability coach Larry Brun, the Attitube is a simply a clear hollow tube with water inside. You use it like you would a barbell or dumbbell, with the motion of the water adding an extra challenge for your core muscles.  Read More

Go With the Flo concept design

"Men are never so serious, thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at stool." We wonder whether this quote from Gulliver's Travels influenced the thinking behind Go With the Flo - a self-sustaining toilet concept from students at ASU College of Design that calls on yoga principles in its quest to define the lavatory of the future.  Read More

Pocket Yoga in tablet mode

Lenovo has posted a number of images of a new netbook they call Pocket Yoga on their photo feed, sans press release, tech specs, or...anything. What we can tell you is that it's a tiny, leather-bound touchscreen PC with an odd, ultra-wide aspect ratio that can be folded over to create a tablet. And it might just fit in your pocket.  Read More

Wii Fit Reviewed

Making exercise fun is something that Nintendo has tried before. In 1986, they licensed Bandai's Family Trainer peripheral for the NES and launched it worldwide as the Power Pad. In the 90's, they created the Exertainment system - essentially an exercise bike with a SNES inside. Both products were capable of raising your heart rate, but offered little else in the way of improving your health or building good habits. Wii Fit sees Nintendo's honed skill in software and peripheral development come together for another crack at the holy grail of software - making exercise fun.  Read More

My Beating Heart comfort pillow and meditation aid

March 25, 2008 Our mother’s heart was the first sound we heard, so a heartbeat is one of the most reassuring sounds we know. My Beating Heart, is a heart-shaped pillow with a computer and heartbeat generator inside. Turn it on, and the heartbeat it creates gradually changes rhythm, entraining the user and modeling the heartbeat of a person in a deep meditative state. The holder is induced into a state of peace and calmness – an ideal meditation aid, a great way to relax, meditate, daydream, or nap and “must have” for a any child we’d have thought.  Read More

The Bodywall improves health for all age groups

The Bodywall is one of the most adaptable inventions we’ve ever seen. Designed as a way to assist athletes to stretch effectively, the high adhesion gloves and shoes and high-tech wall surface offer spiderman-like capabilities. So it’s a gym, a ready made game and new form of physical education and wil be undoubtedly incorporated into the training regime of every elite athlete on the planet. But its chameleon-like character solves different problems in different markets. As in the parable of the seven blind men and the elephant, each person experiences and perceives the Bodywall in a different way. The original concept was to use a combination of the wall and gravity to challenge the entire body – improving proprioception, building muscle, joint, ligament and tendon strength, maintaining flexibility, reducing injury, rehabilitating injuries and facilitating full stretching of almost every muscle in the body for the very young and the very old, and everyone in between. Bodywall can be used either privately or very publicly, and can be manufactured for an audience of one, with the manufacturers offering a personal service, accepting four-colour, high resolution digital imaging. For an individual training for their own life goals, the Bodywall’s massive surface is an ideal place to decorate with personal messages to absorb while stretching – a great place to focus energies, emblazon a life purpose or a “go get ‘em” motivational mantra. It can function as a personal billboard for athletes and on a team scale, it offers a mobile sponsor wall that can be set up quickly at any training venue, in the change rooms or beside the pitch, court or track. In a world obsessed with sport, it’s a new high-association, visual advertising medium for sponsors. Whichever way you look at this invention, it ticks ALL the boxes.  Read More

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