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Concept art for the Philips WoWvx 3D TV

A number of companies has invested considerable resources into developing autostereoscopic 3D TVs, confident that they will be the “next big thing”. Gizmag examines some of the best 3D TV design concepts out there, in an attempt to sort what's truly possible from what's pie in the sky.  Read More

Philips 42 inch 3D Display wins Gold Award at SID2006

June 16, 2006 “3D-TV is the next frontier for those in the professional display market seeking differentiation to gain a competitive edge, and for consumers seeking the next level in the immersive entertainment experience.” So sayeth Philips Jos Swillens at the annual Society of Information Display 2006 (SID2006) where Philips showcased its latest 3D displays, picking up a Gold Award in the process for ‘Display of the Year’. The award, given to the Philips 42-inch 3D Intelligent Display, recognises the display with the most novel and outstanding features, including Philips proprietary technology which produces 3D images without the help of specialised content or glasses.  Read More

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