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HP adds Six-Core AMD Opteron processor to HP xw9400 Workstation

Anyone looking at getting a HP xw9400 Workstation has a couple of extra processor options to consider with the company announcing the high-end workstations are now being offered with the Six-Core AMD Opteron 2400 Series processor. According to HP, the extra grunt provided by the new AMD Opteron processors will make the xw9400 a better option for 3-D digital content creation and areas that attract lots of “mega” and “multi” prefixes - “multi-threaded applications, multi-tasking and mega-tasking environments.”  Read More

The Zoom R16 - recorder, interface and controller all rolled into one neat portable packag...

Multi-track recorders allow home users to get professional results on a budget and Zoom Corporation takes this a step further with the versatile and truly portable R16. The diminutive R16 rolls a 16 track recorder, audio interface and control surface all into one. Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to record to an SD memory card (supporting up to 32GB on an SDHC card). Not only does this add to the R16 portability credentials, but also avoids the pitfalls of hard drive crashes and associated problems.  Read More

The LED-enhanced workstation is one of the entries in this year’s Emotionalize Your Light ...

A bright idea (pun intended) for lighting a workstation is one of the entries in this year’s Emotionalize Your Light competition. Andres4, the designer of the LED-enhanced workstation, has created a working prototype that features a band of LED lighting running around the desktop edge and additional lighting suspended from the ceiling. The disc in the middle of the upper panel is a “must for every Star Trek fan”, according to the designer. The colored lights of the desk can be changed using switches, but the designer is working on a way of switching the lights using a computer controller.  Read More

The stickers to look out for

NVIDIA has introduced the NVIDIA SLI Multi-OS, a technology that allows users and visualization applications, for the first time, to take full advantage of multiple NVIDIA Quadro GPUs from a single graphics workstation in a virtualized environment. NVIDIA claims their new technology provides application performance nearly identical to systems configured with a dedicated operating system and GPU while delivering cost savings, more efficient workflow and maximized productivity in markets such as digital content creation, sciences, manufacturing, and oil and gas.  Read More

The MAINGEAR Remix Creative Workstation PC.

Although Apple Macs are the most commonly used computers for creative professionals, there are still many IT departments which insist on a PC. Aimed specifically at this market that spend their days doing graphic design, video production or pro audio is MAINGEAR’s Remix Creative Workstation PC. The system features NVIDIA Quadro CX graphics card, which NVIDIA specifically designed and optimized to significantly enhance the performance of Adobe Creative Suite 4.  Read More

Hands-on with the Gravitonus iClubby ergonomic workstation

January 23, 2009 Desks were designed before computers existed and they have largely dictated the way we configure our working environment. A lot of journalists are viewing the new Gravitonus iClubby as a workstation for gamers, but in my mind, it’s a lot more than that. Perhaps it’s time to reappraise exactly what a workstation should look like, because after trying it at CES, I want one, and I only spend a very small proportion of my time gaming. The fully ergonomic seating position, three screens, the sound system and lighting and temperature controls makes it the ideal high productivity workstation for anyone who spends long hours slaving over a hot keyboard . At $7000 it isn’t cheap, but it’s VERY comfortable, and I suspect the increased productivity afforded by the comfort and increased concentration would yield an ROI measured in months, not years, and there’s no price you can put on a bad back and aching shoulders.  Read More

The Emperor 200 Workstation

Talk about over the top! This US40,000 contraption acts like a sedentary gamer's life-support system. Three synchronized 19" monitors adjustable to the perfect height, inbuilt 5.1 surround sound with a woofer right under your leather-coddled hiney - which is gently warmed or cooled by the seat depending on temperature, electronic posture-controlled reclining, subtle lighting, HEPA air filtration, and it gently and automatically rotates to avoid external glare. The Emperor Workstation uncoils like a scorpion to let you in, then closes in around you once you sit down to lock you into workstation world. Stick a hole in the seat with some plumbing, and sit it next to the fridge, and you wouldn't have to pause your game for ANYTHING.  Read More

Lenovo ThinkPad W700

Lenovo’s $2,978 ThinkPad W700 will be available in September, offering consumers a high performance mobile workstation with a great capacity for graphic design and digital content creation. The laptop incorporates a built-in digitizer and color calibrator, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M 1GB graphics, the Intel Centrino 2 processor, dual hard drives with RAID configuration, up to 8 GB of memory, wireless connectivity, and an optional Blu-Ray DVD player.  Read More

Mathias Schnyder's solar outdoor workstation

If you are having trouble getting out of the office, maybe it's time to get the office out. This eco-friendly workspace by Mathias Schnyder is designed as a calming haven where office dwellers or uni students can escape to the great outdoors.  Read More

MYPCE - very ergonomic workstation

October 30, 2005 We first wrote up Personal Computer Environments two years ago and we’re still enthralled by the company’s vision and products, specifically the Total Immersion PCE. The environment created by MYPCE turns the idea of a computer workstation station inside out, making users the centrepiece of a personalised, ultra-comfy command centre, designed on the premise that the traditional desk and office environment is a detriment to employee health and productivity. MYPCE is designed for power users such as programmers, designers and video editors who spend long hours working on a computer screen and wish to benefit from the productivity advantages of a comfortable environment using more than one monitor (20%+ productivity increase). With the need to refine the workspace, the PCE provides a narrow footprint and give facility managers and office designers an exciting new possibility for efficient office configuration. You can have up to three LCD monitors and serious shake-your-fillings-out 6.1 surround sound and an ideal environment for gaming, surfing and interacting with the rest of the world on-line. We see one of the ultimate evolutions of this machine as a workstation but it’s a bit restricted at the moment cos there’s no-where to leave a mess … oh, sorry, err, that’s one of the advantages.  Read More

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