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Audi first to offer factory-installed WLAN hotspot with new A8

Audi is offering the option of a factory-installed WLAN hotspot on its new A8. The system will enable front and rear seat passengers to tap into Internet access at up to 7.2 Mbit/s by dropping a data-capable SIM card into the car's Bluetooth phone or by pairing your existing phone.  Read More

The ratification of the 802.11n amendment to the WLAN base standard might just bring this ...

Seven years after starting to talk about it, and six years after introducing the first draft, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) has finally ratified the 802.11n wireless local area network (WLAN) amendment to the base standard. This effectively means that the super-fast routers we've been using in our home networks and for internet access for the past couple of years are now amongst those officially recognized by the IEEE.  Read More

Gigaset SL75 WLAN: VOIP portable home telephone

September 7, 2005 The new Siemens Gigaset SL75 WLAN Voice-over-IP (VoIP) cordless telephone affords a new dimension in mobility that dispenses forever with the traditional concept of a “home phone.” Broadband users with WLAN routers will experience new ways to communicate via the Internet with the flexibility of a mobile phone. Using this exquisite design object, VoIP calls can be made not just at home, but also at access points open to the public anywhere – without having to log on to a computer. As well as an instant messaging service, the Gigaset SL75 WLAN handset has the facility to receive and send emails, complete with photo attachments, instead of only notifying of incoming emails, as before. To make every trend-setter’s joy complete, the integrated digital camera lets happy events be captured and sent instantaneously for family and friends to share.  Read More

First public UMA over WLAN trial underway in Finland

July 28,2006 Nokia started its very first public Unlicensed Mobile Access pilot over Wireless LAN in the Finnish city of Oulu last week. This trial will last at least two months and is being conducted under real life surroundings and conditions. Fifty families from the city of Oulu will be trying and testing the functionalities of this new technology with the help of Nokia’s 6136 mobile device. The 6136 integrates UMA technology to allow for seamless handover of voice and data connections between GSM cellular and WLAN networks. In other words, it combines the benefits of mobile and fixed landline through voice over WLAN.  Read More

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